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Per the suggestion of my very wise counselor, I began learning scripture passages that I could quote as my mind refused to shut off from the stresses of the day. In addition to a ridiculously high level of stress, my legs had become very restless and I was having a hard time settling my body enough to fall asleep. I had to come up with a plan to beat stress induced insomnia that would put my heart and mind at rest even when the world was raging around me. According to The Better Sleep Council, 65% of Americans are losing sleep because of stress, and 16% experience stress-induced insomnia.
My friends and family think I have stress-induced Insomnia because of finals Truth is, I have been taking large doses of study drugs to try and make up for my shitty grades throughout the semester.

There is a close connection between stress and sleep, and in the extreme it can feel like a vicious cycle. Chronic stress is ongoing stress such as job insecurity, not meeting your numbers, having to witness and care for aging parents, financial strain, deployment of a loved one, personal health problems, or toxic personal relationships.And this isn't just a personal problem.
Lawrence Epstein, Faculty at Harvard Medical School, Chief Medical Officer of SleepCenters, and our recent guest on StressRelief Radio, we should spend about one third of our lives sleeping. In that regard, changing the way you think about a certain problem can also reduce the stress you feel.
This is the approach I advocate in my book, Optimal Stress: Living in Your BestStress Zone (John Wiley 2010).

Today, Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) root extract is an approved over-the-counter medicine in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, and France for the treatment of stress and nervous tension, disturbed sleep patterns, and anxiety states.

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