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Everyone feels stress occasionally, and for some of us, it can seriously disrupt health and well-being. According to new research from Sweden, those who report stress related to poor sleep, bad health, or the workplace are also more likely to experience hearing loss and tinnitus.
Those with a hearing loss that affects speech comprehension also know the struggle of straining to understand spoken words, particularly in a noisy environment. Stress is an unfortunate part of life, but if we don’t learn to manage it, it can control our lives to a greater degree than we realize.
The former Oasis star Noel Gallagher has been diagnosed with tinnitus, the hearing condition which causes ringing in the ears.
For instance, Coldplay front man Chris Martin, Queen drummer Roger Taylor and The Who’s Pete Townshend have on earlier occasions talked about their sufferings from tinnitus. Paul Gilbert has therefore compiled a list of things he would advise other musicians and music lovers to do if they want to retain their hearing and avoid tinnitus. Posted in Headphones, Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss, Musician Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, Uncategorized.
Although the hearing aids I wear today are infinitely better then the ones I had a decade ago, I still have trouble understanding what some people are saying. When people start talking to me I tend to stop them, point to my ears and say, “I’m hard of hearing and point to my hearing aids.” Usually they say, “Oops, I didn’t know,” and then will start talking again the exact same way there were before – too fast, too soft or mumbling.
I wish I hadn’t been so stubborn all of my life and would have begin wearing hearing protection years ago.
Exposure to loud music at a rock concert often results in temporary hearing loss for teenagers, researchers say. A small study by the House Research Institute revealed that 72% of teens reported reduced hearing after attending a three-hour show.
Beforehand, the kids were told how they could protect their hearing and were encouraged to use foam ear plugs during the performance. Specifically, 53.6% of the teens said they were not hearing as well as they did before the concert, and 25% reported tinnitus, which is ringing in the ears. Although these cells usually recover, the researchers cautioned that repeated exposure to loud noise could permanently damage hearing. Posted in audiology, Headphones, Hearing Loss, Musician Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, Uncategorized.
An Oregon woman has filed a $9.2 million lawsuit against pop star Justin Bieber, alleging she suffered permanent hearing loss at his Portland concert two years ago. Betts, who attended the concert with one of her daughters, is seeking money for medical expenses, pain and suffering and loss of quality of life.
Posted in Buying Hearing Aids, Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss, Sudden Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, Uncategorized.
Posted in audiology, Headphones, Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss, Musician Hearing Loss, Sudden Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, Uncategorized.
The halls at The Hearing Professionals just got a bit more crowded as two new employees joined the company. When it comes to dispensing hearing instruments in Milwaukee, few people can compare to the likes of Kathy Schauer.

The Hearing Professionals is also proud to announce the addition of Melissa Born as an Audiologist in their Glendale office. The AudigyCertified professionals at The Hearing Professionals possess the highest credentials and are among the country’s most experienced hearing care professionals.
Posted in audiology, Buying Hearing Aids, Ear Candling, Hearing Aid Repairs, Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, Uncategorized. These were among the findings of a survey conducted by the Better Hearing Institute among 230 hearing specialists inNorth America. Reduced Stress – The researchers behind the survey mentioned two reasons why hearing aids may alleviate tinnitus.
Less than two percent of patients experience a worsening of their tinnitus when wearing hearing aids, while 39 percent receive no benefit.
The Hearing ProfessionalsExpert advice, news and information about hearing aids and hearing healthcare.
While some stress can be a good thing to help us power through difficult or dangerous situations, those who have daily stress usually see it from family life or the workplace. This might not come as a surprise to those who experience tinnitus, because the two are closely related.
Understanding speech in noise is a constant struggle for those with a hearing impairment, but new technology has focused specifically on making speech in noise clearer through the use of directional microphones and technology that emphasizes soft speech sounds.
Hearing aids have been shown to improve quality of life and to lessen stress for those with a hearing impairment — including tinnitus. The 45-year-old musician went for a brain scan at the hospital, where doctors uncovered tinnitus as being the reason for the recurring buzzing in his ears.
It was pretty easy; the audiologist at The Hearing Professionals took impressions of my ears and a few weeks later I had my custom protection called Defend Ear made by a company called Westone. This type of hearing loss typically disappears within 48 hours, but if it occurs repeatedly, permanent hearing loss can develop, the study authors noted. These cells are critical to normal hearing and most vulnerable to damage from prolonged noise exposure. Brian Wilson – Whereas most musicians on this page owe their hearing damage to loud music over the span of many years,Wilson has had little to no hearing in his right ear since his early days.
The Hearing Professionals is proud to announce the addition of Kathy Schauer and Melissa Born as our newest providers. Kathy received her license to dispense hearing instruments in 1976 and has worked at offices including Sonus, Master Hearing and Milwaukee Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic. According to hearing health specialists in theUnited States, six in 10 tinnitus patients report that they experience some degree of relief when wearing hearing aids, and a total of one in five (22 percent) receive major relief. As the hearing aid amplifies background noise, the perceived noise of tinnitus becomes less prominent.
Lots of stress can lead to health issues like tension headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, depression, and anxiety. For many it’s a vicious cycle: Stress makes tinnitus more noticeable, which creates more stress in daily life. The more you wear them, the better you can train your brain to understand speech and make your tinnitus symptoms less noticeable.

Rock bands in particular are well-known for their habit of reaching volumes that are perilously close to causing severely-reduced hearing and tinnitus.
Big and Racer X) has hearing loss that is so bad that he now is forced to wear hearing aids. More recently I’ve seen other people wear hearing protection, but never thought it was for me.
In fact, when Kathy worked at Milwaukee Ear, Nose and Throat, Audiologists were not allowed to dispense hearing instruments and being a dispenser she fit all of the hearing instruments sold and provided all of the follow-up services. Today I have what my audiologist at The Hearing Professionals call a “profound” hearing loss in both of my ears. Rather, value is about how well they meet your expectations for service – how well they translate their knowledge into customized hearing solutions and the quality of the experience they offer to you.
Now, imagine the stress performance places on the musicians themselves wailing away every night for legions of adorning fans, all the while standing next to mammoth speakers blaring for hours at a time. Here again, years of loud music day in and day out left Beck with a moderately painful onset of tinnitus. Little did we know that he has had to face drug addiction, alcoholism and incessant tinnitus while creating such timeless music. The loud music, in conjunction with pyrotechnic equipment demolishing acts, such as their infamous performance on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, has given the rock star a debilitating case of hearing loss. Why he lost his hearing may remain a mystery; however, his music will live on forever, heard and enjoyed by every new generation. AudigyCertified professionals have demonstrated their ability to map individual hearing requirements to complex product and technology choices in a simple, user-friendly and efficient manner.
Because of this I have to wear two hearing aids and I have a constant ringing in my ears, called tinnitus. Yup, it can get loud out there, which can cause significant hearing damage over time for the performers. Through it all, he has suffered from tinnitus, a common affliction for rock stars, that involves a persistent ringing in the ears, more often than not connected with some degree of hearing loss.
He later admitted that decades of loud, pounding music caused him to suffer from hearing loss.
In 2000 Collins announced he was suffering from tinnitus and hearing loss in his right ear and that he would be retiring from performing. In fact, his obsession with softer, acoustic music in the ‘90s may owe itself to this hearing condition.
In addition to working at The Hearing Professionals, Schauer is an award-winning endurance horseback rider.

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