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Starkey hearing aid tinnitus masker, constant ringing in my ears and dizziness - Try Out

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Tinnitus can be an extremely debilitating condition which can lead to tension, sleeplessness and the inability to enjoy life to the fullest. The Xino Tinnitus from Starkey offers cutting-edge amplification of incoming sound, like any hearing device, but combines this with a sound stimulus therapy which is tailored to the individual user. The Moxi Kiss combines the best of both worlds for users, marrying cutting edge hearing assistance with a tinnitus masker that can reduce your awareness of your tinnitus until you forget it's even there.
Sound is processed and directed so that background noise is reduced or eliminated, allowing you to focus you hearing on friends, family and the people who matter.
Phonak's Virto adds to the range of invisble hearing devices offered at Acute Hearing Solutions.

The RIC style of hearing device has shrunk in size over the last decade, and is a good choice for people who worry that their devices might be noticeable to those around them.
It is based around Phonak's proven hearing technology, allowing users to understand speech around them, even in very noisy environments.
The micon range from Siemens encompasses both behind-the-ear and receiver-in-the-canal hearing devices. Siemens has been producing a quality range of hearing devices for over a century, and the micon has been warmly recieved by hearing device users, who praise its ability to separate speech from background noise.
However, tinnitus can be treated with sound therapy to mask or cover up the high-pitched sensation, which frequently offers relief for sufferers.

This technology can be altered on the fly by the user, allowing a potentially consistent relief from the effects of tinnitus. Internally, these devices come with Phonak's standard high quality technology, including an option to help manage tinnitus. For example, the Ace micon is the hearing industry's smallest RIC device, which offers tinnitus management and moisture resistance.

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