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In case of fatigue loading of the spring, set the mode of fatigue loading, desired service life and level of safety. Note: In view of strength check of a spring exposed to fatigue loading, using the correction coefficient from Wahl gives the best results. Latest versions of our spring software lets you define a tolerance for fatigue strength (Goodman diagram), and the program calculates min and max values for number of load cycles and lifetime.
This makes you see the effect of stress tolerances to tolerance of lifetime: a small tolerance of 10% in permissible shear stress may cause a huge tolerance of 100% in life cycles.

If you defined tolerances for fatigue strength, curves for tolerance zone are drawn in the diagram. Upper horizontal line in the SN diagram is maximum static shear stress minus corrected shear stress tauk1 of the spring. This diagram shows a music wire spring loaded from 22% of its minimum tensile strength at load point 1, to 44% of its minimum tensile strength at load point 2. The lower horizontal line is the permissible variation of shear stress for fatigue strength safety based on tauk1 and begins at 10 million load cycles.

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