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Sound therapy/tinnitus retraining therapy (trt), treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome with specific amino acid supplementation - For Begninners

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Approximately 75% of all the people who experience tinnitus are not affected by it and they treat tinnitus like any other sound to which they can easily habituate.
To understand how tinnitus develops, it’s helpful to understand how sound is processed in the auditory pathways. This is the basis of TRT, training the brain to habituate tinnitus sounds and classifying them to represent a neutral, insignificant signal.
This issue will delve into a neurophysiological approach to reducing tinnitus symptoms called Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT). They hear it similar to the way we hear the sound of the refrigerator in our kitchen, of which we are not normally aware and when we do hear the sound, it is not bothersome.
Sounds that are new, or associated with a negative experience, are treated as significant, evoke an emotional response that triggers the body to “fight or flight.” The repetition of these sounds results in enhancement of their perception and in a resistance of the perception to be suppressed by other signals.

In the absence of noticeable sound levels there is still a high level of neuronal activity in the auditory nerve and pathway, but this activity is random. Repeated activations by a sound not associated with anything of significance will result in decreased activation of the cortical and limbic areas. On the other hand, sound associated with a significant event, particularly related to danger, will be enhanced and will strongly activate the cortical areas and emotional response. When we are exposed to a measurable amount of sound the activity within the auditory system increases and becomes more regular and synchronized.
Our brain sorts sounds according to their significance, giving important sounds high priority and filtering out, or habituating, insignificant sounds. This activity undergoes extensive processing in several subcortical centers within the auditory pathways before reaching the cortex where perception of sound occurs.

The sound generators are operated at a low enough level that the tinnitus can still be detected. TRT postulates that with the proper training one can enhance their perception of some sounds while training their brain to filter out other sounds. Broad band sound contains all frequencies which gently stimulate the nerve cells in the subconscious networks allowing them to be more easily reprogrammed, or habituated, to no longer notice the tinnitus.

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