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Sound therapy cd tinnitus, ringing in the ear and blurred vision - PDF Review

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Over the years, some of my customers have been buying my nature sound CDs for natural Tinnitus masking relief. Tinnitus, pronounced Ti-night-us, is a medical term defining a symptom of the inner ear which causes the patient to hear ringing, whining, pulsing, or whooshing sounds.
White noise can be an annoying sound to listen to, therefore most people don't listen long enough for it to work.
Tinnitus is the most common hearing problem in the world, effecting over 36 million in the USA alone. Today, doctors are increasingly recommending that patients listen to nature sounds like creeks, waterfalls, ocean surf, and the like.

There are several causes for Tinnitus; wax build up, infection of the inner ear, Meniere's syndrome, high blood pressure, brain tumors, or other issues.
Patients are far more likely to enjoy listening to the natural sounds, and therefore have a successful treatment. The most common cause of Tinnitus is exposure to loud sounds such as loud music, industrial machinery, gun fire, jet aircraft, or anything with high decibel levels. Microscopic nerve endings, in the inner ear, can fold and cause the brain to interpret a ringing sound. If you experience symptoms of Tinnitus, you should seek a medical diagnosis, since some of the reasons for the symptoms can be very serious.

This is often referred to as Tinnitus retraining, where you are training the ear and mind not to concentrate on the ringing sound. Your Tinnitus may be temporary or permanent, but these two CDs should help you relax, sleep, and and improve the quality of your life.

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