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Have a look at how we get an idea of what your tinnitus sounds like to help us personalize a treatment.
Sound Therapy as a TreatmentTinnitus (ringing in the ears) usually occurs when neurons in the brain fire when they are not supposed to. Check out our latest clinical results in 2015!Sound Options therapy drastically reduced tinnitus severity over 12 months!
In April 2015, Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments was announced grand prize winner for developing an effective, affordable and convenient sound therapy for patients suffering from tinnitus. Sound Options was invited to share the positive research results of the sound therapy and to write an article about tinnitus in Canadian Audiologist. If you are looking to obtain our treatment through a clinic near you, please take a look at our current list of partnering clinics.

Sound Options Tinnitus Treatment offers a clinically proven, enjoyable, and affordable tinnitus therapy that is simple to dispense in any audiology clinic. Our goal is to become the trusted source for tinnitus treatments across North America and globally. Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments uses specially modified music to stimulate the ear and brain, and to reduce the causes of tinnitus.
We do this by using an audiogram and tinnitus pitch match to create a personalized treatment that can be loaded onto any music-playing device.
Due to its industrial history, there is also a great need for tinnitus treatments, making it the right place for us to grow. A novel idea on how you can create a more effective and personalized treatment motivated the founding of this company.

The way we modify the music is customized to each individual based on how they hear and what their tinnitus sounds like. Leading healthcare leaders like executives from Johnson & Johnson selected Sound Options as the most feasible life science product with the largest growth potential!
The article discusses the different existing tinnitus treatments, describes the role of brain plasticity in tinnitus, and goes into the details of the clinical trial for testing the effects of our treatment.

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