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At Depression Alliance we’re celebrating the latest critically acclaimed anthology from poet and Appeal Board member Stan Frith. Depression Alliance is the leading UK charity for people affected by depression.Registered UK charity No. Feelings of depression and anxiety are the two most common emotions we experience when major crises happen in our lives. While it is very common, depression and anxiety are feelings that can become debilitating if your life circumstances overwhelm your ability to cope normally.
In mental health terms, feelings of depression and anxiety are not symptoms of a mental illness.
Anger, depression, and fear or anxiety are emotions that tell you something is wrong and needs to change. It is important that if you are having problems with depression or anxiety that you seek help from a therapist.

For example, if depression gets really out of control, you won’t be able to get out of bed in the morning. If a parent didn’t give you enough support, you may have developed some mild depression and social anxiety. Depression and anxiety are the most common reasons for seeking therapy and are highly treatable. If your family tends to be depressive or anxious, it is likely that you may have inherited this from them.
If you have recently gone through a major life crisis and are experiencing problems with depression and anxiety, you are not alone and what you are going through is very common. In this case, medication or herbs may be helpful to you if anxiety and depression is a problem. It is often caused by not having supportive socialization as a child or being highly teased and bullied by peers as a child.

Humans are social animals, and we depend upon one another because our lives are so complex.
Many people have found that therapy alone has been able to cure their depression or anxiety, because your brain develops new neurological pathways all the time. If you have caffeinated drinks or foods, like coffee, soft drinks, or chocolate, this also will cause anxiety, and then a sugar swing, which will impact your foods.

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