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Each 'Level 1' sleep study performed by SNORE Australia includes a comprehensive, 3-page sleep study report that is sent to the referring doctor. All SNORE Australia Sleep Studies are individually analysed by experienced Sleep Study Scorers. SNORE Australia, a sleep disorders service, will offer private overnight sleep studies when it opens at Mackay’s Mater Hospital later this month. Dr Corbett said that apart from simple snoring, obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) was the most common sleep disorder, affecting about one in 10 adults. On a good day, my snoring was super frustrating and caused everything from restless nights to dry mouth and bad breath. I wanted so badly to find a product that would help relieve my snoring that I tried everything from herbal remedies to throat sprays to nose strips to mouth guards.

Long story short, it’s a brand new type of anti-snoring mouthpiece that utilizes a new strategy to stop your snoring. This mouthpiece doesn’t cause any jaw pain like so many other anti-snoring mouthpieces, and it won’t cause long term bite misalignment, which I confirmed with other Good Morning Snore Solution Reviews. Doctors even say that this mouthpiece has addressed all their safety concerns about other anti-snore devices, such as cleanliness and negative effects of long term use, in their Good Morning Snore Solution reviews. Not to be a broken record, but what I found in the Good Morning Snore Solution reviews were right, it really does work!
Unlike some other products, I did have to take a little time to become proficient using this anti snoring mouthpiece. I know for me, these little inconveniences mentioned in Good Morning Snore Solution reviews were far outweighed by the great night’s sleep I experienced SNORE-FREE.

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I kept seeing the same things over and over: “it solved my snoring problem!” and “it really works!” At the end of my rope, I figured I didn’t have too much to lose.

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