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The above argument does not necessarily mean that you will only sleep problems because of anxiety.
Coping with sleep and anxiety require coming with ideas such as journalising what you are experiencing, jogging and taking some supplements.
As far as inadequate sleep, stress and anxiety, one of the best breath practices that I can recommend for that is nadi shodhana or alternate nostril breathing.
I will also recommend several classes that I think will help with sleep, stress, anxiety and low energy. The Sleepora program includes over ten exercises which can be used to help reduce stress and anxiety, plus each one is accompanied by bespoke brain entrainment audio developed exclusively for Sleepora.
Anxiety is a general term for several disorders that cause nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worrying. When the event is interpreted as unfair, unreasonable or beyond our ability to respond effectively, we have a negative stress response.
And it is in this ability to use NLP techniques to unlearn unwanted behaviour, and learn desired behaviour, that one solution to anxiety lays.

There are numerous NLP based exercises within the Sleepora program to help to reduce your levels of stress and anxiety. Many people who are suffering from sleeplessness, stress or anxiety quickly turn to prescriptions or over-the-counter pills to help ease their symptoms.
Homeopathic remedies formulated specifically for occasional sleeplessness like Similasan's Sleeplessness Relief, Stress & Tension Relief and Anxiety Relief can help relieve your symptoms without harsh chemicals, psychological or physical addiction. This is perhaps one question that lingers in our minds when we try to resolve the problem of insomnia that is induced by the anxiety in our lives. To begin with, you will find that you should be able to sleep soundly as a body’s defence towards anxiety. These racing thoughts could be attributed to the stressful situation that you are going through and not necessary because of your anxiety. This will however sound ironical because anxiety on its own will prevent you from getting the sleep you need so badly. Mild anxiety is vague and unsettling, while severe anxiety can be extremely debilitating, having a serious impact on daily life.

The symptoms of stress can make you feel irritable, nervous and cause nervous digestive disorders and palpitations.
The whole problem is compounded by the fact that people with sleep problems and anxiety also suffer from stress. It may also be compounded by the fact that there are other problems that you are dealing with such as anxiety and lack of sleep.
Another situation is I need your guidance in choosing proper path currently I have been facing problems like inadequate sleep,stress anxiety, feeling so much low on energy and negative all the time. Combined and consistent exposure to stress can result in sleeplessness from recurring thoughts, difficulty staying asleep or frequent waking at night.

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