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Mumbai: An impressive and elegant five-colour design, state of the art and of unmatchable quality calligraphy, meticulously embedded and perfectly designed computer graphics, magnifier to further ease recitation combined with useful hints and meanings of difficult words printed diligently in the margins and opinions of experts confirming the translation is free from errors, 13x18 cm2 in size, the only Alafi Quran in the world with Urdu translation is also a master piece of art. To bring this master piece into existence, a seven-member team toiled day in and day out for seven long years, many a time sacrificing all other engagements including festivals and marriage holidays, spending countless sleepless nights, ignoring sicknesses, and also skipping lunches and dinners innumerable number of times just to make sure that the project is completed as early as possible. Explaining why this Alafi Quran is unique, he said, “Every page of this Alafi Quran has a total of 13 lines of Arabic texts and their Urdu translation. He said the Arabic text is a fully calligraphic work whereas the Urdu translation is a computer work, and composed using the InPage software.

These fonts will also be made available to other users in the new version of the InPage Urdu. For the Urdu translation too, utmost care was used so that it is error free, and has no ambiguity.
To correct this fault, we had to change the ligatures of some of the fonts”, Mohsin Jaleel, a Malegaon based computer graphic designer in whose name InPage Urdu has integrated two fonts in the upcoming version, said. Below the Arabic text and translation is the ‘tafseer’ [interpretation] in the Urdu language.

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