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The Decemberists are just one of the many big name indie rock ponies trotted out for the stellar Dark Was The Night benefit compilation, due out on the 17th of February, courtesy of 4AD.
The Decemberists' sprawling track, "Sleepless," clocks in at a downright epic eight minutes, and feels like it came straight from the Her Majesty songbook, with its gradual introduction and slow, simmering build. When the Decemberists signed to Capitol for 2006’s The Crane Wife, it was a sign that they, and their particular brand of quirk-friendly indie, were gunning for the mainstream. There are many “non-traditional” vocalists in this world; Meloy ranks on the more nasal side of that category. A number that’s always come across as more clunky than witty, “My Mother Was A Chinese Trapeze Artist” has become a fan favorite while the much better (and musically similar) “Mariner’s Revenge Song” languishes in obscurity.
Even if you felt betrayed by their jump to the major leagues, you can’t deny that this delicate number more than holds its own against the band’s early classics.
This gem, found on the b-side of the “Billy Liar” single, never seems to turn up on lists of fan favorites, despite being one of the band’s best tracks.
A friend of mine once dismissed the Decemberists as sounding like “gay pirates.” While that might be the best summation for the band I’ve heard in a long time, it’s not exactly the whole story. A surprisingly delicate number seemingly tacked onto the end of Her Majesty, “As I Rise” is the perfect antidote to the ballooning, bombastic prog-rockers the Decemberists seem set on becoming.
I’ve only listened to The Crane Wife disc when it came out, as a boyfriend wanted me to hear before he took me to see the Decemberists live in Upper Darby. I think you and I bought the same bullshit detector, Matt, as mine was buzzing the second I heard this band.

The compilation was assembled by Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National, and is tied to the Red Hot Organization. Okay, I'll namedrop: The two-disc compilation features unreleased songs from Dirty Projectors with David Byrne, Arcade Fire, Yo La Tengo, Bon Iver, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Spoon, Feist with Ben Gibbard, plus tons more.
But Colin Meloy and his band of Portland, Ore., artists were the most unlikely standard-bearers of the indie cause. It’s not that he’s a bad singer, but “Apology Song” turns him into the musical version of a sinus infection.
Take “On The Bus Mall,” a Picaresque tale of two runaways (ostensibly male, though that hardly makes a difference) who turn to prostitution and discover their own kind of love. It’s not that we didn’t enjoy The Crane Wife or The Hazards Of Love, it’s just that the sweetness and charm of “As I Rise” was lighter than air; any more pressure put upon it and, poof, gone.
Influenced by folk and prog, prone to telling tales of ghosts, wayward women and man-eating whales, the Decemberists never topped anyone’s list for the next small-time band to make it big. The tedious tale of a purloined bicycle, “Apology Song” is often name-checked by fans despite not being very good. If “O Valencia!” was The Crane Wife’s standout track for a reason, then “Yankee Bayonet” represents the Decemberists at their most pretentious. While the three volumes of Always The Bridesmaid were full of almost uniformly good tracks, it’s the sweet simplicity of “Raincoat Song” that keeps in our minds long after the showers have stopped.
Any man who can then set those lyrics to a haunting and memorable beat clearly has some skills.

Powerful, sweet and infinitely quotable, it should have become their signature track—but somehow passed by unnoticed. While Her Majesty featured stellar songs like “The Bachelor And The Bride” (also underrated), “As I Rise” was among the best of the bunch.
But thanks to Meloy’s nerdy charm, clever lyrics and a band that could tackle the most epic of themes, the Decemberists are now one of the best-known groups in modern rock. With the band in the middle of part two of its “A Short Fazed Hovel Tour,” it’s time to look back and examine the most overrated and underrated Decemberists songs. And the music video, with its overtures to auteur of kitsch Wes Anderson, isn’t doing them any favors. The problem is when their “quirkiness” becomes overpowering, and “Chinese Trapeze Artist” is less funny, more grating.
So far, this July has featured downpours, the Michael Jackson funeral and Ron from the Harry Potter movie getting swine flu.

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