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The couple who bought the houseboat used for the exterior shots of Sam Baldwin's home in Sleepless in Seattle have opened up their home and revealed the twist of fate that brought them to the iconic property.
At the time, Loretta didn't take her dream seriously because at that time, they had no plans to relocate to Seattle. When they visited the city in the summer of 1993, Loretta scoped out the houseboat and noticed a 'For Sale' sign. Years ago, my family traveled to Seattle and we went down to the houseboats to see if we could find it.

Experts say that the houseboat changed the market in Seattle's South Lake Union, where 20 years later tourists still drive by and take pictures. According to an article in The Washington Post:During the Depression, low-income laborers took advantage of the geography and built or moved into tax-free houseboats.
The houseboat population peaked in the 1930s, at about 2,000, but has since dropped to around 500.
On Saturday alone, Miner said he spent more than four hours at the houseboat for four different showings.

The houseboat, built in 1978, features four bedrooms, nearly two full bathrooms, large windows and views of downtown Seattle.

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