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The couple who bought the houseboat used for the exterior shots of Sam Baldwin's home in Sleepless in Seattle have opened up their home and revealed the twist of fate that brought them to the iconic property. At the time, Loretta didn't take her dream seriously because at that time, they had no plans to relocate to Seattle. According to Playhouse notes, “Sleepless in Seattle — The Musicalcenters around Sam, a widower and single father. The movie that turned Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan into America’s overnight romantic comedy sweethearts now makes a sparkling transition from film to stage as the Pasadena Playhouse presents the World Premiere of Sleepless In Seattle – The Musical.
Both movie and musical follow the parallel lives of recent widower Sam Baldwin (Tim Martin Gleason) and about-to-be engaged Annie Reed (Chandra Lee Schwartz), and keep the made-for-each-other couple almost entirely apart (he in Seattle and she in Baltimore) until an eleventh-hour rendezvous atop the Empire State Building inspired by the Cary Grant-Deborah Kerr 1950s movie classic An Affair To Remember. Meanwhile, across the continent in Seattle, Sam and his ten-year-old son Jonah (Joe West) find themselves reassuring Joe’s sister Suzie (Lowe Taylor) and her husband Greg (Adam Silver) that “We’re Doing Fine,” even if there’s clearly something, or rather someone, missing in their lives.
Unbeknownst to Annie, Becky has pieced together the bits and pieces of her best friend’s unfinished, unmailed letters to Sam and sent a composite Seattle bound, and since Annie’s letter is the only one addressed to both father and son, there is only one woman on earth good enough for Jonah to accept as his new mommy, and her name’s not Victoria. Sleepless In Seattle – The Musical’s crackerjack director Sheldon Epps and book writer Asch merit major kudos for finding ways to streamline the movie script Asch co-wrote with the film’s director Nora Ephron and David S.
Toth and Foreman’s songs are melodious enough to inspire a desire for a second listen (and an Original Cast Recording please), and thankfully several get a reprise or two.

Casting choices (candidates courtesy of Michael Donovan, CSA, at the top of his game) make it clear that Epps and his creative partners recognize that the key to the success of any romcom is finding stars whom the audience will immediately recognize as MFEO (Made For Each Other). If you watch Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance, you’ll recognize Emmy-nominated choreographer Spencer Liff who choreographed Sleepless, his first original musical – quite a coup for this young man.
Sleepless had a 5 PM early curtain, so when guests gathered in the courtyard for the Opening Night party we were blessed by a perfect California evening lit from above just before the sun was setting. As I wandered back to the Seattle booth for another dreamy Brandy Alexander I ran into Charlene Tilton (Dallas). Summing up, Sleepless in Seattle the musical will survive for a variety of reasons, particularly its eternal sense of hope and high heart.
Though Oscar-nominated for its screenplay, Sleepless in Seattle occupies a place in cinematic history as the romantic comedy to end all romantic comedies, and in hindsight, it appears that indeed it has.
With Sleepless in Seattle, the laws of casting dictated that Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan were meant for each other, while here onstage, the two leads become far more appealing for their lack of foot-lambert star power, more accessibly credible in their fanciful representations of the audience’s projections of themselves. The Pasadena Playhouse, in association with David Shor Productions, presents SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE – THE MUSICAL.
Experts say that the houseboat changed the market in Seattle's South Lake Union, where 20 years later tourists still drive by and take pictures.

Sleepless in Seattle, the Musical in its World Premiere at the Pasadena Playhouse shows what a sweet simple story with genuinely magical moments can do. Gale join forces to transport us all around Seattle and Baltimore with an Empire State Building finale that is pure set, projection, and lighting design magic. Still, despite the odds, my guess is that with a bit of tweaking here and there, Sleepless In Seattle – The Musical stands a good chance of making that much sought-after West-to-East Coast transition. Also, this is a cast of incredible singers and actors but none of them would call themselves primarily dancers. I wasn’t aware that Seattle was known for a Brandy Alexander type coffee drink but it was perfect– yummy.
Tuneful, funny, and guaranteed to inspire more than a few tears of joy, Sleepless In Seattle – The Musical proves a bona fide crowd-pleaser. In Seattle 10-year old Jonah (Joe West) needs a mother as much as his father Sam (Tim Martin Gleason) needs a new wife, his first having died much too young the year previous from an incurable disease.

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