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Sleepless beauty book, can menopause cause fatigue - Review

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Sleepless Beauty gives a contemporary, hip-hop twist to the traditional tale's familiar elements.
In "Sleepless Beauty", Beauty the heroine, saves her own life with the clever use of an alarm clock. The witch says that Beauty will prick her finger on her 14th birthday and sleep for a hundred years until she is woken up by a rock star.
This story is the story of Sleeping Beauty with a surprise twist at the end, this princess doesn't need a prince she chooses her own!The illustrations were so beautiful, it was all dark and scary colors to fit the theme of fear at the beginning of the book when the evil witch curses the baby princess to sleep for a hundred years after she pricks her finger.
The pictures had a Gothic feel to them that seemed very not young children friendly and more geared towards adults.My favorite part of the book was when it veered off from the traditional Sleeping Beauty story.

Just when you think all the characters are done for and the witch has gotten away with it, sleeping beauty saves the day by setting her alarm clock and waking herself up and saving the kingdom.
The witch still comes to the party and gives the baby Beauty a gift; on her 14th birthday she will be pricked and her whole family will fall asleep for 100 years. One of the things that really stood out to me when I was reading this book was the text and how the words were very readable and had a rhythm that made it feel like you were reading a song out loud. The book reads as a dialogue between the two where the saxophone player asks questions about what happened and Beauty answers back.
I recommend this book to be added to your home library and if you are a teacher, to your classroom library.

I thought that they were different from a lot of other picture books because of how dark they were.

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