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Sleeping problems with toddlers, tinnitus talk - Reviews

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The Paediatric Sleep Clinic has been established out of an obvious need for specialist paediatric sleep services for diagnosing and treating families with children and adolescents who are experiencing sleep problems.
Research undertaken by Dr Blunden indicates that there is a large percentage of children in Australia who are in need of assistance with their sleep problems.
After you have made contact with the clinic you will be sent some sleep, behaviour and family history questionnaires so that we can get a good idea of sleep problems and know a little bit about your child. Treatment programs for behaviourally based sleep problems are usually based on the psychological theory of reinforcement. Depending on what the problem is and how long it has been around will make a big difference to the length of time it takes to treat it.
In a long-term study, toddlers who slept less than 10 hours a night or woke frequently at night tended to have more emotional and behavioral problems at age five.
The researchers had expected to see a link between sleep and emotional and behavioral problems but were surprised “that the risks were so strong and consistent,” said lead author Borge Sivertsen of Uni Research Health and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health in Bergen. At 18 months, almost 60 percent of toddlers were sleeping for 13 to 14 hours per night and about two percent were sleeping for less than ten hours per night. Toddlers who slept less than 13 hours per night often also had emotional or behavioral problems at the same age, the authors write in JAMA Pediatrics. The researchers accounted for mother’s age, education level, duration of pregnancy and number of other children and for the child’s birth weight and sex, and found that those who slept less than ten hours per night and those who woke three or more times per night at 18 months were more likely to have emotional or behavioral problems at age five.

The risk was higher for internalizing problems, like being emotionally reactive, anxious or depressed, than for externalizing problems, like attention deficit or aggression.
Inadequate sleep at night leads to trouble the next day with handling emotions, impulse control, and accurately reading emotions and intent in others, Garrison told Reuters Health by email.
Early sleep issues may be part of the reason for later emotional or behavioral problems, Sivertsen said, but many other factors, like child temperament and parental mental health, may be important as well. Fortunately, many of these children will not necessarily have mental health problems later in life, he said.
Parents sitting at the bedside, rocking or singing to the child may lead to dependence on parents to fall asleep, which likely increases the risk for later sleep problems, he said. Here are some basic questions that some parents and children have about how we can treat a sleep problem at the clinic by a psychologist.
Rewarding a child with love and encouragement for achieving goals to improve their sleep will usually result in the child continuing to show good behaviour.
The Sensible Sleep Solution™ teaches a child to self soothe without the need for controlled crying. The dates of the clinics are staggered throughout the year, with a session conducted every month in at least one centre, so there is always a Sleep Solutions Sessions available.
Chronic sleep problems can have long term effects on children's physical and psychological health.

A sleep problem may be the result of a pattern of behaviours that may be getting in the way of good sleep habits. During the appointment we will go through that information and much more, to get a complete sleep history from your child to try and identify the sleep problem.
As an infant, difficulty settling to sleep without parental assistance creates the most difficulty for families. A sleep psychologist can also investigate whether anything else in the child's life is worrying them and interfering with their sleep such as bullying at school, moving house or a divorce in the family.
All age groups have specific problems and can be helped to resolve their sleep difficulties. If sleep problems are found to medically based, children will be referred to medical sleep specialists. When they begin to interfere with your child's daytime behaviour, if you, the parents believe that your child is not getting enough sleep and if your family is being affected by lack of sleep, then it is time to investigate how to change things.

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