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Overall, four percent of adults said they'd taken a prescription sleeping pill or sedative in the previous month. Earlier studies have tried to track pill use through prescription sales, but that offered a flawed view.
The findings may have been influenced in part by who had health insurance and access to doctors who would prescribe sleeping pills, says Yinong Chong, the study's lead author. But clearly people tend to have trouble sleeping as they get older, due not only to aches and physical changes but also to emotional burdens, experts say. Retired law professor Jane Kaplan has had trouble sleeping since she was a young woman, but it got worse around 2007. With around 30% of the US population experiencing symptoms of insomnia, it is no wonder that the use of prescription sleeping pills is common. As a result, many patients are prescribed sleeping pills when they are discharged from the hospital, as well as diuretics, antihypertensives, anticoagulants, antiarrhythmics and antiplatelets.

Sleeping pills may increase the risk of hospital readmission and cardiovascular-related death for patients with diastolic heart failure, according to researchers. Further investigation revealed that HFpEF patients who were prescribed sleeping pills were eight times more likely to experience hospital readmission for heart failure or suffer cardiovascular-related death, compared with HFpEF patients who were not prescribed sleeping medication. The team found no association between sleeping pills and increased risk of cardiovascular-related death and hospital readmission among HFrEF patients. Tolerance to a dose of some of these sleeping medications can build up fast, so you may need to increase it. Masahiko Setoguchi of the Social Insurance Central General Hospital in Tokyo, Japan, says that sleeping problems are a common side effect of heart failure.
On comparing patients who reached study endpoint with those who did not, they found differences in prescription of sleeping pills (benzodiazepine hypnotics), blood sodium levels at hospital admission and blood hemoglobin levels at discharge.
Setoguchi notes that larger studies among HFpEF are needed to confirm the findings, so heart failure patients should not be advised to stop using sleeping medication just yet.

Doctors offer tips for good sleeping that include sticking to a regular bedtime schedule, getting exercise each day and avoiding caffeine and nicotine at night.
More whites take pills — nearly five percent, compared to 2.5 percent of blacks and two percent of Hispanics.
She still takes Ambien, a popular sleeping pill, which helps her fall asleep but she wakes up in the middle of the night.

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