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Sleeping barber problem solution java, ringing in ears go away - How to DIY

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The essence of the problem lies in synchronizing the state of the barber with the state of the waiting room. When the barber has barber_sleep_beh and receives a #shave message, the barber sends a #shaving notice to the yak, asks the timer to send a #done message after shave_time has elapsed, and changes to barber_shave_beh behavior.
When the barber has barber_shave_beh and receives a #done message, a #shaved notice is sent to the yak, a request for the #next yak is sent to the waiting room receptionist, and the barber changes to barber_sleep_beh.

The receptionist maintains the state of the waiting room, responding to yak arrivals and text messages from the barber. When the receptionist has sleep_waiting_beh and receives an #arrive message, a #shave message is sent to the barber, and the receptionist changes to zero_waiting_beh behavior.
I’m looking for an actor framework to use in JavaScript, Hummus looks really interesting.

The JavaScript implementation of Humus was primarily designed for people to experiment with a running version of the language.

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