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Sleep therapy, husband easily get angry - Within Minutes

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At times this will manifest itself in poor health, however more often than not the first thing to be thrown out of kilter is our sleep. Lack of pure sleep (without the use of medication) is one of mans greatest tortures and if allowed to continue the person will be unable to perform daily tasks efficiently, eventually spiralling downwards into ill health. When you visit our office, we address your sleep disordered breathing and craniofacial (head and face) pain extensively. This lady suffers from Bipolar disorder, and prior to our session had been visiting her GP weekly, undergoing regular treatment with an osteopath for 18 months, she had lost her job, her husband had left her, she loathed her house and she hadn’t slept properly for 8 years.
She told me that the doctor only wants to see her monthly now and has taken her off her medication, her osteopath has told her to return in 6 months, she is sleeping through the night, her estranged husband has come back to her, she has been asked to return to work, her home is now her sanctuary and her children are loving the new her.

The TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Utah is one of only 32 specialized centers of this type throughout the world.
We are totally focused on helping people with TMD, craniofacial pain, and sleep-disordered breathing. Sleep apnea (the stoppage of breathing while asleep) can be brought on or aggravated by disorders of this type. OSA is caused by a blockage of the airway, usually when the soft tissue in the rear of the throat collapses and closes during sleep. With each apnea event, the brain briefly arouses people with sleep apnea in order for them to resume breathing, but consequently sleep is extremely fragmented and of poor quality.

Therefore, people who suffer from sleep apnea most often have daytime sleepiness, morning headaches, mood swings and feelings of depression. This pressure opens up your airway during sleep just enough to stop the airways from narrowing.CPAP treatment can be highly effective in treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. For some patients, the improvement in the quality of sleep and quality of life due to CPAP treatment will be noticed after a single night's use.

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