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Sleep MedicineA lack of sleep can torpedo health, so consider consulting a doctor about persistent sleep problems from insomnia to possible sleep apnea symptoms like snoring.
In an effort to catch more z’s, the National Sleep Foundation estimates about 25 percent of Americans turn to a variety of medications, including prescription hypnotics, over-the-counter drugs and herbal remedies. About 60 million people, are now getting fewer than six hours nightly, and as a society, we’re getting older, fatter, taking more medications, working long hours, all of which conspire to wreck our sleep. A biotech company developing an over-the-counter sleep aid came across an intriguing discovery — it also helps snoring. There is currently no drug available to prevent snoring so a sleep aid that can do that has the potential to get a decent slice of the market. The company wants to tap the estimated $750 million OTC sleep-aid market and sees the potential for the market to expand much more with an anti-snoring drug.

The Sleep Foundation estimates that about 90 million Americans snore, but the reasons vary.
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Requis Pharmaceuticals hopes to be the first company to develop a drug to prevent snoring that also functions as a sleep aid.
In an interview with MedCity News, CEO Lars Knutsen said that some friends were testing the drug as a sleep aid and the wife was surprised to find it helped keep her husband from snoring. Another potential advantage to a drug that prevents snoring is that adherence would be higher since bed partners suffer from a lack of sleep. For some it is caused by obstructive sleep apnea, obesity, alcohol consumption or allergies.

He pretty much assessed where I was at just by talking with me and backed up his opinion with a sleep study. If I ever have any problems with my sleep apnea machine they have an advocate I can easily reach for help.

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