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Prescriptions sleeping pills work by helping you fall sleep easier, stay asleep longer, or both. Sleeping pills are prescribed by doctors and must be taken with a grain of salt, so to speak, as they sure come with side effects like most medications.
Patients can become physically, emotionally or psychologically dependent on sleeping pills that they have difficulty sleeping without one. From a spiritual perspective, sleep is basically a state most related to the subtle basic Tama component. Coupled with this, as our spiritual practice is also at its lowest during sleep, we are spiritually most vulnerable when we sleep. Due to the combined effect of the above two factors, the body cells are unable to repel the attacks by distressing vibrations from the Hell region. However, the effect of this sleep position differs as per the spiritual level of the person. As explained above, when a person below the 55% spiritual level takes a sleep position of lying on his back, his Central Channel is not activated. Below is a drawing based on subtle-knowledge, of the effects of sleeping on one’s back when one is above the 55% spiritual level. When a person above 55% spiritual level sleeps on his back, his Central Channel of Kundalini system is activated.
Below is a drawing based on subtle-knowledge, of the effects of sleeping on one’s stomach. When a person sleeps on his side, the Sun or Moon channels of the Kundalini system are predominantly activated. Below is a drawing based on subtle-knowledge, of the effects of sleeping on one’s right side. Below is a drawing based on subtle-knowledge, of the effects of sleeping on one’s left side.

The Sun channel is activated when a person sleeps on his left side, so this is considered as a best sleeping position.
From a spiritual perspective, unless one is above the 55% spiritual level, best sleeping position is on the left side.
It and similar drugs could ‘usher in a new era for insomnia treatment’ the journal Science Translational Medicine reports.Some 15million prescriptions for sleeping pills are written out each year and although newer drugs produce fewer side-effects patients can still experience problems with concentration and grogginess.
Concerns that Britain has become a nation of sleeping pill addicts has led to doctors being urged to first try alternative treatments such as counselling.Most of the ?50million a year spent by the NHS on sleeping pills, or hypnotics, as they are known to doctors, goes on drugs that target a calming brain chemical called GABA. Anyone can doit and its very easy to follow my system given that it waswritten while keeping simplicity yet effectiveness in mind.You dont need to buy any drugs or pills.
Though sleeping pills do not treat the underlying cause of the sleeping problem, they provide the patient with much needed rest. Sleeping pills fall under the specific class of drugs called sedative hypnotics – a class of drugs that also include benzodiazepines and barbiturates. Xanax, Valium, Ativan, and Librium) are anti-anxiety medications, usually given to patients who can’t sleep due to anxiety or stress.
In addition, prolonged use of sleeping pills builds tolerance, and thus become ineffective.
Sleeping pills are given by prescription, and use must be monitored by your doctor, as prolonged use come with risks (i.e.
These drugs increase drowsiness and help people sleep, but are only useful in the short-term. Sleeping pills should not be mixed with other drugs and alcohol, nor should they be taken with grapefruit – all of which increases the sedative effect of the sleeping pills. The imbalance between the two energy flows of the Sun and Moon Channels can effect a rapid transfer of subtle basic Raja-Tama components in the body from the surrounding atmosphere.
Dangerous side effects include parasomnias (complex sleep behaviours and actions that you are unaware of, and may include sleep walking, sleep eating, making phone calls, sleep driving, or having sex while in a sleep state), and even death (in the case of overdose, especially when mixed with illegal substances and alcohol).

The best way is to always consult a healthcare professional if you are having sleeplessness issues and to adhere to your doctor’s recommendations pertaining to treatment. We all have a typical sleeping position and we feel comfortable when we sleep in that sleeping position. We are aware that there are implications of our sleeping position from a physical health point of view.
In an emotional person, this roller coaster of emotions continues even in sleep in the sub-conscious mind. When one is sleeping in this position, the movements of the actual body organs are slowed and the spaces around the organs are activated because of the pressure of the subtle excretory gases.
Although short- or long-acting barbiturates are prescribed as sedatives or sleeping pills, these types of hypnotic are commonly limited for use as anaesthesia. Also there are many psychological explanations of the effects of different sleeping positions. Till such time, it is best to avoid sleeping on one’s back where there is maximum exposure of the body to the ground, and thereby to the Regions of Hell. There are newer types of sleeping pills that help patients fall asleep and stay asleep, most of which are non-habit forming (Tables 1 and 2).
Your doctor needs to determine such conditions and may prescribe treatment or behavioural and lifestyle adjustments instead, in order to address the issue of sleeplessness. We will explain what actually happens in the subtle dimension with each sleeping position, so that we can make an educated decision on how to sleep well and which is the sleep position to achieve that.

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