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Sleep deprived meaning, memory problems stress symptoms - For Begninners

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Sleep deprivation is the state of not getting adequate sleep over an extended period of time.
Unfortunately, sleep deprivation impacts your general level of functioning and focus severally. A sleep journal (attached) documenting simple things like the time you go to bed and how long it takes you to fall asleep can facilitate in this.
All those sleepless nights, caused by excessive entertainment, do more than add to your dark circles.

However, you can only make up for recent lack of sleep, tracing back to a few weeks or a month.
And sadly a large percentage of the office-going population is estimated to be sleep deprived. Time to accuse your sleep-deprived physical impulses that also cause a lack of coordination.
The worst, however, is the ever-increasing number of people complaining of migraines, most of which are falsely diagnosed sleep debt issues.

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