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The study goes on to state that the normal dosage of melatonin when used for promoting sleep, is .3mg to 1mg, taken about 60-90 minutes before bed.
Tryptophan is also a popular sleep aid – though it really could be called a mood-enhancer. If it doesn’t, one of our best sellers for sleep and in general, is Kavinace, which is a capsule. Doxylamine is the other antihistamine that is used for sleep in OTC formulations and marketed as Unisom as well.
I am so afraid I will get addicted to the pills I don’t take them but I am having problems sleeping at night funny thing is I can sleep just fine in the daytime.
Valerian, another popular sleep aid, however is well-known for it’s sedating effects.
Passion flower often helps to relieve anxiety and stress, both of which contribute to problems with sleep!

If you click on the link here, you can read the reviews of many customers who use Kavinace for sleep. Usually stress and worrying right before bed make me so wired that everyone else is sleeping and I am busy staring at the ceiling meanwhile I have to get up at 5 everyday. I usually don’t have any issues that keep me from sleeping, but when I do, I always go to my Benadryl!
Not even 5 minutes ago I was speaking with one of my co-workers about not being able to go to sleep at night. In addition to better sleep, you’ll find that you deal with difficult situations much easier and just feel happier. I can’t lie, my mom let me borrow one of her Ambiens and THAT was the best sleep EVER! If you want to know which are the top selling natural sleep remedies and which one will be more likely to be effective for you, read on!

Rescue Sleep Spray from Bach is an entirely different sleep aid providing support for calming your restless mind and providing fast, natural relief of occasional sleeplessness caused by stress and repetitive thoughts. Bear in mind that your individual chemical make-up plays a role in how these sleep aids (as well as foods, drugs, etc.) affect you. The next time I dream about scary movies and can’t go back to sleep, I have some options now.
Obviously on the nights that my daughter sleeps in my bed I won’t try OTC remedies but the other nights, it’s on!

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