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In the meantime, countless pregnant women are suffering with adrenal fatigue and even full-blown Addison’s disease. From what I can tell, my body starts to draw upon the adrenal glands of my growing baby around 20 weeks into the pregnancy.
Many of the herbs commonly used to treat adrenal fatigue (such as licorice) are questionable at best during pregnancy. Your dietary needs during pregnancy are different, with greater needs for protein (80-100 grams per day is recommended), greater needs for sodium, and a propensity to low blood sugar. Truly, we need years of good nutrition and good sleep to heal our bodies of adrenal fatigue, but for mothers in their childbearing prime, we don’t always have time on our side. In conclusion, my husband has repeatedly stated that until we women with adrenal fatigue start writing about what helps us and what doesn’t during pregnancy, other women won’t be helped. I am listing some very technical links to sites that reference Addison’s Disease, cortisol, pregnancy, etc. Amber, I suffer from adrenal fatigue and wasnt able to find this out until I went to see a Naturopath. I’m with Amber, except I felt better during pregnancy (3 children) and really sick for months afterward. I urge you to really read good information on adrenal fatigue and to learn everything you can, for yourself. I would also urge you to consider taking my eCourse on fatigue, not to toot my own horn or make more money, but because I really believe it would help you. You are so right that there is practically no information to be found about the relationship between adrenal fatigue and pregnancy. I know something happened to us both in that pregnancy because we came out on the other side with extreme allergies that have left me running to the Lord for wisdom and mercy.
Hi love, I have no idea about this, my son was a 25 week microprem with Septo-Optic Dysplasia (among many other issues!!) which has led to ACTH testing and endocrinology follow up etc So although I know nothing of adrenal fatigue in little ones, something all our children have is eczema. Though I think it’s important to treat adrenal gland symptoms, we need to find the underlying cause of this condition. The adrenal glands sit above your kidneys and release hormones into your bloodstream, and likewise respond to feedback from other hormones and chemicals in your body.
So, the adrenals are getting stressed by all the inflammation gluten is creating in the intestines. When chronically stressed, something has to give; the adrenal glands cannot keep up with all their duties.
PMS and menopausal symptoms are associated with gluten sensitivity and adrenal exhaustion in this manner. Treatment for adrenal stress revolves around lifestyle management (timing of meals, amount of sleep and exercise), identifying any food sensitivities, and using nutritional support to strengthen adrenal function.
The presence of gluten sensitivity and its resultant stress upon the adrenal glands is common, but rarely diagnosed.
Ask your doctor about gluten sensitivity, particularly if you are experiencing symptoms that could be related to adrenal fatigue. Amber, it is common for Synthroid to actually make you feel worse, if your adrenal glands are depleted. In my high school biology class, we gave the adrenal glands as much attention as the spleen.
Adrenal fatigue is currently a chic diagnosis in the world of alternative medicine, although most doctors do not recognize this health issue.
The adrenal medulla, the inner part, secretes adrenaline and noradrenaline, hormones that respond to stressors.
Adrenal fatigue results when dietary and lifestyle choices cause the adrenal glands to exhaust after firing over and over. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors didn’t fatigue his adrenal glands because they only needed a burst of stress hormones during the occasional flight-or-fight situation. Another type of chronic stress that contributes to adrenal fatigue is blood sugar problems. The problem is that the adrenals aren’t meant to be drawn on for daily blood sugar regulation.
The symptoms of adrenal fatigue are non-specific, meaning they can relate to other health issues.

Three important factors work together to address adrenal fatigue: diet, supplements, and lifestyle. My struggle with adrenal fatigue began during a year of intense emotional trauma followed by the development of an autoimmune disease. In this post, I’ve attempted to explain adrenal fatigue in plain English and give you a quick-start guide for adrenal fatigue recovery.
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After reading countless resources on adrenal fatigue and recovery, this is the first time I have seen the spleen mentioned. With adrenal fatigue extreme exercise, such as you mentioned, only further depletes your body and prevents healing. I enjoyed reading your blog I believe I have adrenal fatigue for years I have been a victim of abuse then I had to endure the pain the pain of taking care of my deceased family.
Furthermore, babies are born with weakened adrenal glands as a result of their mothers’ exhaustion. I especially concentrated on medical journals, to see what research has been done in the area of adrenal fatigue. As miserable as fatigue can be, I can manage just about anything for the sake of a sweet little baby. In addition, common supplements such as IsoCort, or medications such as Cortef and Florinef, have a totally different effect during pregnancy.
Carefully read my suggestions for adrenal fatigue, keeping a journal of your actual daily progress. If you’re not pregnant right now, use this time wisely to monitor your health and improve your nutrition. If you’re suffering from obesity to fatigue, depression to headaches, arthritis to digestive problems, gluten sensitivity may very well be at the root of your symptoms. Pregnenolone is the basic building block of many of the hormones the adrenal glands make, including the sex hormones.
Recall that the adrenal gland produces reproductive hormones, and that pregnenolone serves as the building block for other hormones. In a normal, healthy body, wear and tear on the joints is offset by natural cortisol (a hormone) production from the adrenal glands as they respond to minor joint inflammation in day-to-day living.
In the presence of adrenal exhaustion, such treatment will usually have only temporary results, to the frustration of the patient and practitioner alike. First, use a digestive enzyme pill with *every* meal, to take some burden off your adrenals and help with your digestive problems. Then adopting an adrenal recovery diet and lifestyle is a key step in reaching your optimal health. The outer part of the adrenal gland, the adrenal cortex, secretes the corticosteroid hormones including cortisol that monitor the body’s metabolism, inflammation, and blood pressure. When the adrenal medulla fires, it increases the heart rate, boosts blood flow to the muscles, and creates a surge of glucose (blood sugar) in the bloodstream. This eliminates grains, legumes, refined sugar and vegetable oils – all foods that stress the adrenals and increase inflammation. In Your Personal Paleo Code, expert Chris Kresser advocates a very high protein breakfast for adrenal fatigue.
It provides true vitamin A, an essential nutrient for adrenal fatigue recovery and hormone balance in general.
This is very important, because intense exercise wreaks havoc on exhausted adrenals by spiking cortisol. I recommend this simple technique, called Lunaception, to every woman, but especially those who struggle with hormone imbalances including adrenal fatigue.
I have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, insulin resistance, hypothyroidism and hypoglycemia.
Of course, I can’t prove which came first, but Lyme is a constant attack on the immune system, so the adrenals will suffer from it.
But I would consider my adrenal fatigue 85-90% better, and that is with a starting point of very severe adrenal fatigue. The fact is, we just don’t know much about how to help pregnant women with adrenal fatigue.

Some doctors recommend staying at pre-pregnancy dosages for the entire pregnancy, but I’ve found that this results in unbearable fatigue. Doctors are starting to discover that “high” blood pressure and “high” blood glucose can actually be normal during pregnancy.
Our pregnancies are too closely spaced together, we’re breastfeeding for longer periods of time, we’re embracing attachment parenting with its accompanying lack of continuous hours of sleep for mother or baby, and we’re often tandem nursing.
Gluten can also affect your hormonal health by stressing the adrenal glands, causing adrenal fatigue and a number of hormone-related health problems.
If the underlying root cause is truly adrenal exhaustion, this must be addressed to completely resolve the symptoms of pain and spasm. And these are completely natural ways to improve your health; treating gluten sensitivity and adrenal exhaustion does not require drugs or surgery. It will give you and your doctor a good sense of how your adrenals are functioning and whether your symptoms are attributable to adrenal stress potentially caused by gluten. However I have been sucessfully breastfeeding for 13 years- with no signs of milk supply or other common BF problems. Fortunately, with some straight-forward dietary and lifestyle changes, you will be on your path to adrenal fatigue recovery. This depletes the adrenal glands and compromises their ability to perform their tasks, like the controlled secretion of corticosteroid hormones. In response to the dangerous blood sugar crash, the adrenal glands kick in with stress hormones to mobilize glucose and raise blood sugar. Diet and supplements certainly improve adrenal fatigue, but you must make the lifestyle changes. While it is possible, but difficult, to address adrenal fatigue on a vegetarian diet, it is impossible to reach optimal adrenal health on a vegan diet. This stresses a healthy persons metabolism but chronically compromises the metabolism of someone with adrenal fatigue. I am not disagreeing with their experience, but I had severe adrenal fatigue and dedicated myself to healing through diet and lifestyle, without the need for expensive and potentially harmful supplements. This medication undoubtedly saved my life, but it utterly disrupted my already compromised adrenal function. I am totally convinced that I have severe adrenal gland fatigue, and that I have had it for a long time. My doctor diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue a month or so ago, and while it was good to have some clarity for my issues, it’s been really tough being tired, not sleeping, hardly digesting, etc. In general, the supplements I discuss here are not problematic for pregnancy, but check anyway.
Some studies show that the adrenal glands normally produce 2-3 times more cortisol during pregnancy, yet only half the normal amount of aldosterone. The difference, I believe, is that I am now taking hydrocortisone and manufacture no adrenal hormones on my own. This leads to chronic fatigue, an impaired immune system, inflammation, and the other symptoms of adrenal fatigue. At one point, my adrenal fatigue was so severe that I nearly fell over each time I stood up, due to the dizziness.
This leads to fatigue, depression, loss of libido and hormonal imbalance symptoms such as PMS and hot flashes, to name a few. During my short stint on a low carb diet (yes, I did try it before I knew better!) my adrenal fatigue symptoms drastically intensified.
Walking (or swimming) is an excellent exercise for pregnant women, but just be very, very careful not to walk too long or to get dehydrated. After the month, depending on the severity of your adrenal fatigue, you may be able to have a more lenient bedtime but for best results, stick to a 10 bedtime.
I’ve gotten the hormones somewhat in line, but am still plagued with debilitating fatigue, and aweful anxiety.

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