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Signs and symptoms for anxiety, can vitamin d deficiency cause extreme fatigue - Within Minutes

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Anxiety is tricky… You can have a low level of subtle anxiety in the background of your life all the time and never realize it. You might not even realize just how bad your anxiety is until you actually have a relief from it. The best way to keep your serotonin levels high and healthy is a system of eating a good diet, correcting nutritional deficiencies, exercising in the sun, getting plenty of rest, and reducing stress.
After I really buckled down and solved my depression by utilizing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutrition my anxiety started to disappear.

I had done everything from talking to strangers, joining Toastmasters and facing my public speaking fears, etc. After I fixed my depression and anxiety, I became one of the top salesman at a large car dealership, where I was essentially doing public speaking everyday under pressure. I also was feeling unmotivated and numb most of the time, never really feeling in the moment. Also, some people find that things like tyrosine help with their anxiety versus l-tryptophan.

I think using both exposure therapy and combining that with fixing up your body and brain is best. If you really want to get a handle on depression, I made a course that specifically has an entire section dedicated to nutrition, what foods promote healthy moods, and what foods that people rarely know about literally deplete B Vitamins and neurotransmitters which makes you feel depressed.

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