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Side effects of tamoxifen sleeplessness, diagnostic major depressive disorder - Reviews

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ABSTRACT: Tamoxifen is currently the endocrine treatment of choice for all stages of breast cancer and is the gold standard for antiestrogen treatment.
I called and talked to the pharmacist and the nurse hotline a couple of times to talk about my side effects and they assured me that the nausea and other symptoms would pass if I could just tough it out for a few more weeks. I have not personally taken Tamoxifen, but my grandmother did after her mastectomy, chemo and radiation. A friend who knows I’ve been struggling with Tamoxifen told me to check out your blog.
The first week I was on Tamoxifen I felt like I was back in the chemo unit getting a dose of AC.

Tamoxifen was originally discovered as part of a contraceptive research program at ICI Pharmaceuticals (now Zeneca).
On the basis of the estrogen dependence of many breast cancers, tamoxifen, a potent antiestrogen, was predicted to have anticancer activity.
My general physician seems to think it is some sort of knee condition but an acupuncturist suggested that my knee pain might be related to being on Tamoxifen.
It turns out that Benedryl inhibits the body from processing Tamoxifen into its active form, so basically, I was getting a reduced effect from the Tamoxifen. Preclinical studies showed the benefit of long-term vs short-term tamoxifen treatment, a finding duplicated in the clinic.

At first I thought it did help because I was still improving, but perhaps it was just that I was getting used to Tamoxifen in general.
There are alternatives to Tamoxifen for pre-menopausal women, but it can be hard for the pharmacy to get in and the BCCA to pay for it. Cuz people like you and me who report these types of side effects from Tamoxifen often get over them after 6 months.

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