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Severe chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia in early pregnancy common - Review

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Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS, also called chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome, or CFIDS) is a chronic disorder characterized by several debilitating conditions including severe fatigue.
In order to be diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, a patient must have severe and chronic fatigue that lasts six months or more, and other medical conditions that could cause the fatigue must be excluded. There are many other illnesses that are treatable that need to be ruled out to arrive at a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome.
There are a number of secondary symptoms that are also associated with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Other symptoms include weakness, impaired memory or concentration, insomnia, muscle pain, and fatigue following exertion that lasts more than 24 hours.
It is possible to have these other conditions and also have CFS; if the conditions are treated and the patient still has chronic fatigue then CFS may be considered as a diagnosis.
Up to half of patients with CFS may experience symptoms including abdominal pain, alcohol intolerance, bloating, chest pain, chronic cough, diarrhea, dizziness, dry eyes or mouth, earaches, irregular heartbeat, jaw pain, morning stiffness, nausea, night sweats, psychological problems (depression, irritability, anxiety, panic attacks), shortness of breath, skin sensations, tingling sensations, and weight loss.
Many others have symptoms of severe fatigue but do not meet the diagnostic criteria for CFS.

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