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Researchers used a broad brush when they focused on the most easily understood aspect of the disorder – fatigue. Two commonly used and related measures of sensory gatingare PPI (pre-pulse inhibition)in which a weaker prestimulus (prepulse) inhibits the reaction of an organism to a subsequent strong startling stimulus (pulse) and determines the strength of the startle response and the ERP (event-related potential) which reflects the habituation of repeated stimuli. Sensory gating problems are also present in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
A dissertation “Sensory Gating in Adolescents with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” by EM Van de Putte et al found that adolescent CFS (Fukuda) patients showed a sensory gating deficit using the P50 ERP (sensory) paradigm but not on the PPI ‘Startle reflex (sensorimotor). One assumption has been that the psychological trauma of dealing with a life threatening illness is causal but some evidence suggests the drugs could spark sensory gating and cognitive problems.
Gandal et al, 2008, demonstrated that administering a common breast cancer chemotherapy drug to mice results in significantly impaired ERP gating with reduced sensory habituation, reflected in behavioural changes such as increased pain sensitivity and reduced habituation to novel objects. Thankfully (for us if not the mice) sensory gating can be readily studied in animal models and the effects of various stressors and their physiological effects elucidated.

It does indeed appear that, in animal models, a sensory gating deficit (PPI) can be induced, by stress induced by Social Isolation Rearing (SIR). Note that the loss of cognitive functions and increased pain sensitivity are to be expected when sensory overload is present.
Returning to those conditions already associated with a sensory gating deficit, a quick search (Pubmed and similar sources) finds that immune dysfunction, oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction are often found in these disorders.
I had trouble with that sentence; I meant to say that it was the most easy part of the disorder for the scientific community to hang a handle on- hence the name chronic fatigue syndrome. If you answered yes to several of these or other similar questions you could have problems with sensory gating. Baraniuk reported he believes the sensory filtering processes are broken down in this disorder. Chemotherapy is known to often lead to long term fatigue and cognitive problems in a significant number of patients.

A very high proportion of schizophrenics smoke tobacco as a form of self medication as nicotine can help ameliorate a sensory gating deficit and the resulting psychotic episodes. That in itself- that need to try and track numerous streams of input is fatiguing… Dr. I have explored the possibility of Asperger Syndrome (soon to be subsumed under Autism in the new DSM-5) as so many people on the spectrum have co-morbid Sensory Processing Disorder.

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