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Ringing the first bell dark souls, depression stress sleep problems - PDF Review

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The enemies inside of the Parish are going to really test your skill, so we highly encourage you to take some time and level up.
Just when it seems like you're going to cruise to an easy victory, a second Gargoyle appears from the other side of the roof.
As a Sorcerer, this fight can be a breeze if you've already purchased the Heavy Soul Arrow from the vendor in the New Londo Ruins. Once you have rung the first bell, return back to your bonfire by consuming a Homeward Bone or using the Dark Sign. When you are back at the Firelink Shrine, go up next to the sitting NPC and go down the subtle pair of stairs. Once open, go out and cross over onto the other side of the valley by using the plank bridge.
Just at the base of the elevator, you should be able to see a huge, white mountains with tree-ish things petruding everywhere like spikes.
Don't bother fighting them and instead head up to the small hole in the web-covered forest. By ringing the bells, you have awakened a sleeping giant whom now opens a certain gate for you.

The knights inside of the Parish are tough, but they reward you with a slew of souls, making it a great place to grind for a bit. Although the odds are now stacked against you, both creatures should be at under 50% health.
There is an ominous looking vendor named Oswald who sells items are of great importance later.
The only thing worth noting here is that when you block his swing, he brings his tail around to hit a second time. Funnel the zombies from the large room back into the narrow hallway to avoid being outnumbered.
Keep your distance from the Gargoyle and fire off Soul Arrows when you have the opportunity. When you feel comfortable enough, proceed up the staircase just to the right of the elevator.
After you've explored the floor, ascend the two sets of ladders until you reach another white gate. They are particularly weak against magic attacks, so Soul Arrows and Pyromancy are your best friends in this battle.

Sorcerers and other swift characters should take note that an upgraded pair of Leather Gloves are still worth equipping even near the endgame. The Titanite Demon is deadly up close, so try to keep him just inside of your lock-on range. If you're having too much trouble, first clear the ground floor of all enemies, then take out the sorcerer with arrows before proceeding up the stairs.
On the other side lies the toughest boss challenge you've faced yet (When facing this boss, if you hack off the tail before vanquishing your foe you'll get a gargoyle axe). Head back down to the bottom of the Parish and exit the church via the door directly across from the elevator.
Proceed into the next room to encounter another massive creature that is intent on destroying you.

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