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Tinnitus is the general name for those sounds you hear, be it ringing, buzzing, humming or any other noise that does not originate from an outside source but comes from your head. It can be a symptom for many non-loud noise related conditions, like migraine headaches, head injury, anemia, hypertension, stress, too much wax in the ear (yuk!), even certain types of tumors… However, it is also related to hearing loss and loud noise exposure which makes tinnitus a common bedfellow for loud music. Protect your ears with ear protectors – earplugs or earmuffs – and get away from the noise as quickly or as often as you can. According to Action on Hearing Loss, you need at least 16 hours of rest for your ears to recover after spending around two hours in 100dB sound, for example in a concert or a club.
After a few seconds, you will notice that the silence has a sort of "sound" of its own, a kind of empty ringing tone. Most cases of deafness and hearing loss are caused by damage to tiny hair cells in the inner ear. For the first time in months, he experienced relief, enough at least to remember what silence was like. And then they returned, fierce as ever.It was six months earlier that the 66-year-old electrical engineer first awoke to a dissonant clamor in his head.
An informed person will tell you that your brain is trying to interpret the lack of stimuli to your hearing and so creates a bit of a filler sound.

Ear infections, glue ear or a build up of earwax and conditions such as otosclerosis or Meniere's disease can also be responsible for it.In younger people tinnitus can be triggered by exposure to loud noises that damage the inner ear. If the music is uncomfortable for you to listen to, or you can’t hear external sounds when you’ve got your headphones on, then it’s too loud. This ringing sound actually serves a more arcane purpose, covering up a noise we are not meant to hear. This noise is not impossible to hear, and if you are persistent you can effectively "break" the cover-up sound. The next time you are silent and hear the ringing, shout at the top of your lungs for about half a minute, then be abruptly silent.
Use headphones instead of earphones – muff-type headphones block out background noise and allow you to use lower volume.
Ear-bud style headphones and in-the-ear headphones are less effective at drowning out background noise. He stopped going into work.That month, De Mong visited an ear doctor, who told him he had high frequency hearing loss in both ears. Another doctor at the Stanford Ear, Nose and Throat clinic confirmed it, and suggested hearing aids as a possibility.

They helped the hearing, but did nothing for the ringing.Meanwhile, he scoured the internet for cures. While he insisted his problem was the ringing, she diagnosed him as depressed and prescribed sleeping pills and an antidepressant, Effexor. It started about a decade ago in his left ear as a high-frequency hiss, coming and going at first, like an unwelcome houseguest. Using state-of-the-art MRI scanners to peer deep inside the brains of tinnitus patients, Cheung and his team have managed to pinpoint an important source of the phantom noise.
These include methods to use sound in various ways as therapy, counseling and behavioral training. His team has developed a five-step program that includes audiology testing and evaluations, the use of external sounds to manage tinnitus, and cognitive behavioral therapy, which teaches coping techniques.

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