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A ringing in the ears is believed to be spiritually caused by the presence of guides and angels being too close to the physical body. A mineral found in spinach and other green leafy vegetables is being used to treat people with chronic tinnitus — characterised by an inexplicable ringing or buzzing in the ears.Researchers believe the mineral magnesium plays a key role in protecting our hearing system and that supplements taken daily will reduce tinnitus.
Prolonged exposure to loud noise can also trigger tinnitus and sufferers include musicians Eric Clapton (left) and Phil Collins (right)The UK recommended daily intake is 300mg. If you are experiencing Muscle spasms, and ringing in the ears, this article will interest you. Physics and other spiritualists believe these beings are perceived as tones or qualities of silence inside of the ears.

The trial follows previous studies that linked low levels of magnesium in the body to a higher risk of noise-induced hearing loss.
It can represent the closing of a finished chapter and the initiation of a new one that brings spiritual growth or wisdom. Tinnitus is usually accompanied by some hearing loss and researchers believe the same biological malfunction in our body’s hearing system may cause both conditions.Tinnitus is triggered by a range of factors, such as ear infections, adverse reactions to some medications (such as aspirin), high blood pressure or age-related hearing damage.
Prolonged exposure to loud noise can also trigger it and sufferers include musicians Phil Collins and Eric Clapton. Other causes of tinnitus include blockages of the ear due to wax buildup or ear infections, certain drugs, the natural aging process and injuries to the head and neck.

When these cells become weakened or damaged — through infection or over-exposure to loud noise, for instance — they send a constant stream of abnormal signals along the nerves. But, the research may encourage future larger-scale trials.’Elsewhere, researchers are testing a new treatment for hearing loss in people who listen to loud music or work in noisy environments.

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