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Ringing in right ear old wives tale, tinnitus started in one ear now in both - For You

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Your mother may have told you when you were younger that if your ears were ringing, it was because someone was talking about you. One study showed that a properly balanced head on the neck can stop or reduce the ringing in your ears. The superstition about a person's ear ringing is that it means someone is talking about them. While that may be a silly old wives’ tale, ringing of the ears, known as tinnitus, can be a bothersome condition.

According to the superstition, if the left ear is ringing, someone the person knows is saying something good about them.
Many also reported the ringing of their ears being manageable, even though still there, after just one adjustment. If your left ear is buzzing then you are to bite your tongue in hopes of the person biting their tongue as punishment for talking bad about you. It can also be caused by blockage of the ear due to a wax build-up or ear infection, certain drugs, natural aging and various other causes.

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