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I have had ringing in my left ear after calling in Archangel Raphael for some assistance in my own life. When it is a download, angelic guidance or communication from the Holy Spirit then it is a gentle ringing. I can then accept the message as angelic help and show my gratitude and act on the advice provided from this Heavenly source. The device, which costs ?4,000, plays a series of tones tuned exactly to the frequency of the ringing in their ears. Sonny Gordon and the Angels were another of the "classic" groups from Philadelphia in the mid-50s.
The Angels would stop in from time to time, and one day, in mid-1954, started talking to Slotkin about singing.

Soon, they'd recorded a pair of sides: "Wedding Bells Are Ringing In My Ears" (led by Sonny Gordon) and "Times Have Changed" (all). However, national hits are what bring in the money and when "Wedding Bells Are Ringing In My Ears" failed to take off nationally, Grand issued a second pairing: "Lovely Way To Spend An Evening" and "You're Still My Baby," in January 1955. The Angels had their small moment of glory with "Wedding Bells Are Ringing In My Ears," but in all honesty, they were just a tiny blip on the radar of Philadelphia recording, never having a national hit like the Turbans or Lee Andrews and the Hearts. The ringing in the ears I experience is a high pitched noise that becomes quite prominent in both of my ears depending on how strong the spirit, angel or guide feels about communicating. Right now what I have done for the ringing is I’ll close my eyes and go into my head, usually covering my eyes helps me.
Donald also added Jocko to the list of DJs that got them little jobs after "Wedding Bells Are Ringing In My Ears" was released.

With the Ink Spots, the Ravens, and the Orioles as idols (especially the Orioles), the four began street-corner harmonizing as the Angels.
When Slotkin and Ragovoy found out that there was another local group, they attended some of the Angels' rehearsal sessions and, on August 30, 1954, the Angels signed a recording contract.
They recruited Frank Grier's wife's cousin, Roberta Roots (alto), as the fourth member of the re-formed Angels. You have to have faith that your God, the Universe Father, Archangel Michael (guardian of Nebadon), your higher self, your spirit guides, or your angels are guiding you in the best possible direction.

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