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Ear pressure can often be equalized by holding the nose shut, closing the mouth and blowing.
Using cotton swabs to clean ears can sometimes push earwax onto the ear drum, causing pressure. Ear pressure may feel like one or both ears are muffled, as though hearing is slightly impaired. Many people will have this problem automatically correct itself once they return to standard elevation levels, but sometimes ear damage can occur.

Another potential cause of ear pressure is swelling of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), also known as the jaw joint.
I think I have a sinus infection and today I blew my nose and ruptured one of my ears, and now my face and my right ear is killing me.
I have to chew gum whenever my husband and I drive from Mississippi to New York to see his family.
I have constant ear pressure and have tried just about all the remedies without any relief.

It feels like i am descending in an aircraft but can't get the ears to pop, strange try this, my hearing is acute, very sensitive and sharp noises like kids in the pool laughing or squealing make me uptight and unsettled.
Now I'm back in town, but my ears are making these sounds like air is passing through them and I cannot hear clearly.

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