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Internal nerve injuries and other hearing troubles can also lead to tinnitus, so the causes may vary from person to person. Homeopathic remedies are also proven to be effective in curing all symptoms of one-ear tinnitus.
When the Eustachian tubes become inflamed, it causes excessive fluid which collects in the middle ear and causes infection as well as ringing in one ear. Bilateral tinnitus is characterized as having a ringing sound most often in the rhythm of the heartbeat.

The doctor can only confirm it in the later stages when pain is felt in the entire ear canal. As this condition is considered by health professionals as more serious than bilateral tinnitus, it needs to be handled properly with intense care and regular treatment.
Recent studies also found that if a specific part of the brain is affected by tinnitus it can affect the ear and patient hears ringing in one ear.
This invariably confirms tinnitus, and once this symptom appears, a doctor should immediately be consulted.

This is when the irritation, as well as all the other symptoms are present in just one ear, and this is called unilateral tinnitus. Another common condition which produces a ringing sound in one ear is known as unilateral pulsatile tinnitus.

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