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Ringing in my ear adem lyrics, depression antidepressants and suicidality a critical appraisal - Test Out

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Adem has just been dumped, but he uses this song as an opportunity to put a positive spin on it. The album was recorded entirely at Adem’s own house and that contributes to this song’s warmth and intimacy. The album was recorded entirely at Adem's own house and that contributes to this song's warmth and intimacy.

Adema specialize in piling nu-metal rage on top of lyrics concerned with depression, emotional wounds and relationships doomed to failure.
Yes, due in part to the fact that Adema singer Mark Chavez is the half brother of Korn frontman Jonathan Davis. The good news is that Adema bring plenty of their own identity to the mixture of cues taken from their alt metal forefathers.

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