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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, ringing in the ears and Tinnitus is an alarm that the energy in your kidney meridian is low or deficient. Low energy and blood circulation may affect the microcirculation in the ears as well and sometimes result in tinnitus. Herbs like shu di huang (prepared rhizome of adhesive rehmannia), yam, bilberry, calamus and Chinese thorowax are often used.
Put your middle fingers into your ears and shake them about 10 times and then take your fingers out. Most Tinnitus and ear ringing conditions, unless caused by injury, are related to excessive stress or trauma, which depletes the energy flow to your kidneys.

Deep breathing exercises combined with acupressure is the formula for counteracting ringing in the ears.
This is called acute secretory otitis media in Western medicine, while TCM describes it as a result of invading pathogenic "wind." Herbs that help clear internal pathogenic wind are recommended. Besides points on the kidney meridian and around the ears themselves, the most potent points for boosting the health of the kidneys are located in your lower back.
If the ringing in your ears sounds like its coming from metal, you’ll need to practice these exercises for six months, to discover the benefits. When the kidneys are dysfunctional - due to ageing, a weak constitution and chronic illnesses - the ears are unable to receive adequate qi and blood from the kidneys.This will trigger tinnitus, with the ringing getting louder at night.

Insufficient qi and blood to nourish the liver, or negative emotions - such as stress, depression, fear and anxiety - will cause qi to stagnate and create "fire" in the liver.This "fire" rises to the ears and triggers tinnitus, which becomes louder after emotional upsets. It comes with pain and swelling of the ears, headaches and a dry throat.The spleen and stomach receive food and convert the nutrients into qi and blood. I had picked up some acupressure technique from a book entitled Acupuncture without needle written by a doctor.I have also tried to circulate chi around 12 meridians suggested by a very old book named as Chinese meditation.

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