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Our ears were designed to process moderate levels of sound existing in our natural environment (e.g. Hearing loss and possibly ringing in the ears occurs when the nerve endings are killed by either noises or loud sounds that are more than 85 decibels (dB).
Reading your articles made me aware the simple things that I ignored when it comes to my ears.
In the absence of any other rule, and because our ears don’t distinguish between ‘work noise’ and ‘having a good time noise’, this is how we determine safe levels of exposure to music – If you have to talk in a loud voice over a noise even when someone is at arm’s length from you, there is a high probability that the noise may damage your hearing.

I am happythat you were able to quickly identify the source of your tinnitus and you acted immediately by no longer exposing your ears to excessive noise.
I have experienced the exact ringing effects in my ears when I do listen to music at very high volumes. I will strongly advise you to try to know what is the cause of the intermittent ringing in the ears. Going forward, make sure that you desist from exposure of your ears to excessive nioise so as not to damage your hearing completely.

Statistics, in fact, show that the major cause of ringing in the ears is the undue exposure to loud noise and almost twenty percent of the population suffer from this malaise.

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