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One more video on the series addressing some issues that come as side effects of spiritual awakening and ascension. Not to take away from the observed chakra occurrences, other reasons that should not be ignored are; Ringing in the ears could also signify the need for hearing aids due to hearing loss, which might actually help or clear away the ringing.
Its possible that ringing in the ears could be something like that but spiritually speaking its rather pointless as a symptom. After meditations, I’ve tuned the ringing down, sometimes out, and even adjusted it to make a sounds like crickets chirping.

Heres a great symptom, meeting someone new and flashes of their life entering your minds eye, another would be sensing or even remote viewing loved ones randomly, having gut hunches about future events that are spot on. Yes, kundalini rising can cause symptoms, but many of the prolonged symptoms we might experience can be explained by candida (overuse of antibiotics), burnout, obsession (being too much in the mind resulting in overactive crown chakra), repression of emotions (causing panic, anxiety etc), low grade chronic dehydration (not enough yin) and other symptoms.
In my experience ringing in the ears could actually be people talking about you, if its constant it could be tennitus. Any real symptoms of awakening are connected to the spirits infinite knowledge and capacity to experience beyond the 5 senses, inspired knowledge is one of those connected to what people call the Akashic record.

Ascension is about rising above form and ego and self-service to unity, oneness, caring about nature etc, but how ascension is talked about is like we can have unity, love, oneness, ascension while descending further into ego, striving, competitive spirit and materialism (accumulation of lifeless things).

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