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A man who was suffering from extreme tinnitus symptoms and unable to work was interviewed by NPR, after an unsuccessful trial of electromagnetic therapy. Tinnitus is indicated by the perception of sound or a ringing noise in the ear even though there is no external sound.
Focus shift exerciseThe focus shift exercise involves stretching the lens located in the eye to focus on an object that is far away and then on a nearby object.
Rolling the eyesRolling the eyes is another way of exercising the eyes to prevent gaze induced tinnitus.
TrackingTracking a rapidly moving object with your eyes is also another good exercise to overcome tinnitus.
Though there is no direct connection between tinnitus and the condition of the ear, several eye exercises are known to modulate the frequency of sounds and thus mitigate tinnitus.

If you seek medical help for tinnitus, your treatment may include: sound therapy, acupuncture, hearing aids, cochlear implants, electrical brain stimulation, mindfulness training, and neck exercises.
Although it was annoying at first, after a while, he was able to tune out the radio static. Though eye exercises cannot cure the condition, experimental evidence shows that certain repetitive exercises of the eyes, definitely alleviate the condition. Exercising the muscles of orbit located in the eye, which assist lateral and vertical movement of the eyeballs, helps in overcoming this kind of tinnitus. The major exercises involve shifting the focus of the eye, moving the eyes up, down and to the sides and also palming and massaging them.
These exercises help gain better control over the eye muscles and in some way modulate tinnitus.

The assistant is necessary because moving the pointer by yourself will make it predictable and will not be exercise enough for the eyes. If you notice that it is happening to you, avoid this exercise altogether and stick to moving your eyes up and down and to the sides.
Massage your eyes this way with your fingers for about two minutes whenever you feel your ears are ringing. In case you wear contact lens, it is important to ensure that you take them out before doing this exercise.

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