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Chronic fatigue is about much more than merely feeling tired and when it is at its worst, people feel unable to do almost anything, so it can impact absolutely every area of their life.
An episode of chronic fatigue may start without warning and it can affect people differently, with some becoming quite incapacitated by it while others try to carry on regardless. Either way, people with RA (rheumatoid arthritis) often rate chronic fatigue as more significant than battling with chronic pain.
We know inflammation can cause chronic fatigue, potentially due to the presence of the cytokine chemicals that are found in inflamed tissue. Depression is another condition that fatigue can be a symptom of and quite a lot of people with RA suffer from depression. Pain can also cause fatigue in other ways because when people are unable to exercise, their muscles get weaker which can make getting around, or even getting up from a chair, for example, even harder work. In summary, there is a complex interrelationship between all of these factors and chronic fatigue is likely to be caused by a combination of them rather than by any single factor.
Some people in the survey have said that they lost their job due to fatigue, which can cause difficulty concentrating, for example. 94% said their episodes of fatigue lasted either for several hours or all day; 57% said the fatigue actually appeared before they were diagnosed with RA and 76% felt that the public was not at all aware that chronic fatigue is a symptom of RA.
Of working-age respondents, 71% said they were unemployed and that chronic fatigue contributed to them not being able to work and 24% said they’d had to change jobs as a result of their chronic fatigue.
Of those in employment, 23% took more than 10 days off in the last 12 months due to fatigue and 49% said their line manager hadn’t made any suggestions to help them better manage their fatigue in the workplace.
Chronic fatigue is also having a significant impact on mental health, with 90% of respondents saying it caused them to feel down or depressed during the last seven days, including 78% who said they felt very down or depressed. It’s also having a big impact on relationships, with 70% saying fatigue prevented them from taking part in activities with their families or their partners and 54% reporting a negative effect on their sex life. 16% of respondents said they had nothing to manage their fatigue and only 2% said they’ve attended any kind of chronic fatigue self-management program. Rheumatoid Arthritis is more common than MS, leukemia and Parkinson’s, all of which the public generally know something about. Data that exists within the ERAN (Early Rheumatoid Arthritis Network) research network shows that in the UK, the average time from symptom onset to diagnosis and treatment initiation is about nine months.

It’s about getting health professionals to understand just what an impact fatigue has on people with RA and actually getting them to ask about it on a regular basis at follow up appointments.
It is also about health professionals in rheumatology being more understanding of the impact chronic fatigue has on their patients’ lives and asking the right questions.
Within the multidisciplinary teams, we need to be asking our patients about their fatigue levels, which we need to be measuring as well as measuring pain.
We also intend to produce a booklet on fatigue in 2015 as we believe that this would be incredibly helpful.
Ailsa Bosworth is the Founder and Chief Executive of the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society which she launched in 2001 following a 6-month battle to get Anti-TNF treatment.
In a relatively short time Ailsa and her team have established this award winning charity as the campaigning voice in the UK for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and NRAS now employs 27 staff. Ailsa contributes at a national level to NICE Technology Appraisals, British Society for Rheumatology Guideline Development Groups and the BSR Biologic Registers.
She was Joint Chair of the Rheumatology Futures Project Group which was responsible for commissioning the King’s Fund Report into RA and the subsequent inflammatory arthritis commissioning pathway.
See me melt away into a puddle of fatigue in the comic strip that goes with my latest RACentral post! Kat Elton's A Resilient Life, or the book I wish had been around when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic illness and people described different symptoms which they experienced whilst living with the disease, some of which were eased by the medication prescribed but others that persisted.
Pain also increased fatigue and people described tiredness and lack of energy as significant symptoms of RA.
One effect of a chronic physical illness like RA is depression and being worn out by the ongoing cycle of pain, frustration, fatigue, fear and anger. In our survey of nearly 2,000 people, 89% reported that they experience chronic fatigue, which gives some idea of the numbers.
Some research shows a link between resolving anemia and improvements in symptoms, while other research shows fatigue is independent of anemia, with no association at all between low hemoglobin and the onset of fatigue. All of these contextual factors are an issue and fatigue will potentially make holding down a job difficult.

Chronic fatigue was experienced by 89% of the respondents and 98% of those said it had impacted on their life during the previous seven days.
66% of respondents said their healthcare professional either never or rarely asks them about the effects of chronic fatigue and 79% said that their healthcare professional had never tried to measure their levels of fatigue. We feel that people with RA do need to get better access to care and treatment that is sensitive to the impact that fatigue has. People hear the word arthritis and automatically assume you’re talking about osteoarthritis, which is a completely different condition. It’s certainly my experience that when my disease is more active and pain levels are higher, my fatigue is worse. We are going to get that information out to rheumatology health professionals across the UK, and we will be encouraging them to read it and take action.
There is not enough emphasis on the need to measure fatigue and pain in the national NICE guidelines, something we are planning to look at when we come to review those guidelines.
The Alliance comprises NRAS, the British Society for Rheumatology and Arthritis Care, through which the powerful combination of clinicians (including allied health professionals) and patients can advise and influence commissioning to the ultimate benefit of patients through improved commissioning and delivery of quality care. There is quite a discussion going on about fatigue in response to this article, too, so if you haven't already, weigh in with your experiences and thoughts!
I think measuring pain and fatigue on a regular basis and taking action if these are not generally under control is key.
I spend a lot of time on my computer, I spend a lot of time still with my guitars and play, I can still play those fine I haven't got arthritis in the fingers at all, which is great, but I must admit there are a lot of days where I just don't feel like doing anything whatsoever. It's, I suppose I feel like I have as much energy as other people would because I think when, when you have arthritis, if you have it for a certain amount of time, energy levels go up and down naturally anyway but you do sort of, you get used to not having much energy.Not as much I suppose I would say, not, it's not much but you get used to not being able to walk as far, you get used to it.
You don't, you know, the, the, the woman or the man three doors up, you know, 'He's got rheumatoid arthritis, I'll just go and have a word with him', you know.

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