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As a breastfeeding Mother you can also take your Calcium Magnesium supplement at Bedtime so it calms you as well as your Baby and helps you both sleep better. But every once in a while I would hear of some natural remedy or gentle sleep strategy that would give me a hope. If you have a fussy baby who has frequent and severe spit up and explosive diapers or who is sick frequently, you might consider trying an elimination diet if you’re feeling up to it. This is a diet in which you as the breastfeeding mom eliminate foods from your diet that may be causing your baby digestive issues through your milk. For the first time ever, he started sleeping through the night about two out of every seven nights. Because getting breastmilk right before bed and throughout the night was going to make nighttime potty training difficult, we also decided to night wean. It did however improve my sleep, as his daddy got up with him in the middle of the night, and I got to stay in bed. He began sleeping through about three times a week and went back to sleep more easily when he did wake up.
Be sure to put PJs and potty in the bathroom ahead of time so he didn’t get wound up running around the house while we were trying to find these items later.
We started by offering a mix of peanut butter and coconut oil, but E found he preferred just the coconut oil alone, and it worked just as well.
And most of the time, he convinced us that this (which many would deem toddler manipulation) was authentic by eating a full meal in the middle of the night, even if he’d eaten plenty at every meal during the day. The protein and coconut oil provided fuel to last him through the night and helped to stabilize blood sugar, so he didn’t feel hungry anymore. There’s magnesium in both the Epsom salt and magnesium lotion which helps the muscles relax and the body get restful sleep, among many other benefits.
Then the other night, I decided to try an Epsom salt bath for myself to help with achy muscles. Finally, we sing 3 songs (Twinkle, twinkle, little star seems to do the trick the best) and then we sit by his bed and sneak out once he’s asleep.
For so many months we had prayed (along with our friends and family) for the wisdom to help our boy sleep through the night. As you can tell by the length of this post, baby and toddler sleep problems are a really complex issue. We tried everything – including melatonin- to get my daughter with autism to sleep through the night rather than 4 hour shifts, like an infant.

Thanks for this post – I have a 24 mon old that sleeps 3-4 hrs tops (on a good night). My kids have always been great sleepers, but I’m on a very strict diet because of my own needs so they were too because it was,easier. I will certainly be putting some of these things into practice and I’ll be looking into the No cry solution book, as well.
If you haven't, you can join right away and get all your holistic health and beauty related queries answered there :) Click here to Join! Some babies are great sleepers right from day one and some are restless sleepers who just don’t want to sleep and even if you manage to make them sleep they tend to wake up every few hours in the night. If your baby has been a great sleeper and he suddenly becomes restless in the night make sure you check that he is not having any of the above mentioned discomforts. Tryptophan is an amino acid which helps calm our nervous system, improves our mood and helps us sleep better.
You can add a drop of Pure Lavender Essential Oil(buy here) or Chamomile Essential Oil to his bath water. Then he’d be up several times a night, sometimes for an hour or more, unable to sleep or keep still. I was thankful to be his mommy and to be willing and able to provide him the comfort he clearly needed. I could do little more than sit and stare into space while holding the baby during the day after being up all night.
I thoroughly documented everything about my baby’s sleep as Pantely suggests, even jotting down notes in the dark at 2 am. At about 9-months of age, he went from waking up more than six times a night to about five.
Instead of taking several 20-40 minute naps a day on me, I was able to get him to sleep in bed for up to an hour at a time without having to hold him the whole time. Sear’s The Baby Book and The Baby Sleep Book around that time and tried out his suggestions.
There were some tears, but after about a week they had their own bedtime routine worked out without Mama’s help. We always have protein with dinner, so that part of the equation was already taken care of. Over the past year or so, when E would take a long time to fall asleep or would wake up in the middle of the night, he would communicate to us that he was hungry.

You can take a magnesium supplement orally, but it is generally thought to be absorbed best through the skin. This change happened over night as soon as we implemented the last of these gentle sleep strategies. If you and your toddler are struggling with sleep issues, I want to encourage you to hang in there. No matter what we tried, it seemed Sofie didn’t start to sleep in longer spurts until we night-weaned (at 26 months).
My youngest is giving us all sorts of issues now (my husband’s up there with him now). It is so hard to go without sleep for so long, and so hard to keep everyone telling you to cry it out. If you are a new mom its even more important to get a decent amount of sleep because lack of sleep is one of the reasons why new moms get into Post Natal Depression. If they are hungry they tend to wake up frequently and feeding in the night is not a good idea, specially for his tiny teeth. Its an age old Ayurvedic Remedy that has been used for more than 5000 years to help with insomnia and its safe for Babies and Children.
You can see from my thin blogging archives that any personal time or hobbies was just about zero in those months. I suspect that this is a strategy that would have worked for us if I would have had the capacity at that time.
I had a lot of days like that with my premature twins, but even though they were very high-needs we were able to sleep train them at 8 months. It’s just a matter of finding out exactly what the intolerance is for that specific person. I have never found night nursing to be a problem because our body produces oxytocin when we nurse, that relaxes us and help us sleep better. We’ve had our ups and downs with it the 3 years but mostly she goes right to sleep and through the night – with a nighttime routine, solid tucking, and enough activity to make her sleepy!

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