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I have extensive experience (both professional and personal) and several forthcoming books in nutritional approaches to balancing brain chemistry treating depression, bipolar syndrome and anxiety.
The Name May Change but the Symptoms Remain the Same Although the term reactive might not be as widely used as it once was, depression of this type continues to be a challenging problem for many patients caught up in its grasp. There is no need to feel alone when you are not as happy after having your baby as you thought you should be because postnatal depression is common among women everywhere.

One is a natural reaction after a trauma and the other may need a little more intervention.
Reactive depression needs to be treated before it can drastically interfere with a person’s quality of life. A rose by any other name As the name implies, reactive depression disorder is a reaction to some outside stimulus.

Depression is an encompassing term that describes a list of conditions which all affect a person’s emotional state.

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