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Ptsd, causes of sleepless night and remedy - .

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This is one of the most down to earth accounts of PTSD; It is relative to Vietnam Veterans as well as Korean and all other younger Veterans. It would not be possible to describe all the reasons why the Vietnam War was so different from past wars, but suffice to say Australian, New Zealand and American Veterans are all having the same problems and to many of us, PTSD has become a way of life. Diagnosing PTSD is not all straight forward and there are many differing opinions about it.

Anxiety is common to both the above lists and different psychs may see PTSD as a separate issue.
If you agreed that a lot of the questions applied to you and the list is nowhere near complete, then it would seem you have an anxiety, depression or PTSD type problems like all the rest. It does not matter in the long run in the same way as alcoholism may be taken as part of PTSD or due to it.

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