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That ringing in the ears (also called tinnitus) that you get after hearing loud music is often due to damage caused to the microscopic endings of nerves in your inner ear. Tinnitus may signify underlying nerve damage or an issue with your circulatory system.[1] Although the most helpful routine to stop ringing in your ears is prevention, there are steps that you can take to treat the ringing buzz even after the damage is done.
If you're coming home from a concert or a club, and your ears won't stop ringing, it's because you've damaged some of the little hairs in your cochlea, which causes inflammation and stimulation of nerves. Ringing in the ears that is caused by exposure to loud noises usually goes away after a few hours. If you take several medications, talk with your doctor about possible side-effects that could be causing the ringing in your ears. Several different noise-suppression tactics are used by doctors to mask the sound of ringing in your ears.

White noise machines that produce "background" sounds, such as rain falling or wind whooshing, may help drown out the ringing in your ears. Masking devices are fitted over ears and produce a continuous wave of white noise to mask the chronic ringing. Although medications probably won't completely rid you of the ringing, taking medications can make the ringing sound less noticeable if effective.
Taking ginkgo extract three times a day (with meals) may help increase blood flow to the head and neck, reducing the ringing caused by blood pressure.[3] Try taking ginkgo for two months before evaluating the effectiveness of the treatment. Your brain interprets this inflammation as constant ringing or buzzing, and this trick can help make that annoying sound go away.
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The root of the plant can be successfully used as solution to how to make ears stop ringing, studies proving that the ingredients in this herb can cure inner ear diseases, from tinnitus to hearing loss.Rehmannia has a protective effect on the ear cells, preventing them from getting damaged by free radicals and keeping infections of the ears away.
The plant can be used in its raw form for preparing anti-tinnitus tea or can be taken as dietary supplements.End That Noise In Your Ears For Good. Tinnitus maskers are products that reduce and manage the noises, buzzing and ringing in ears. According to a study published few years ago in The American Journal of Chinese Medicine, this natural food can protect cells against pathogens and free radicals and restore the health and functioning of damaged ear cells, improving hearing and providing relief from tinnitus manifestations.How To Make Your Ears Stop Ringing With Nasal Salt SolutionsSolutions obtained from 1 tsp.

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