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Problems hearing on iphone 6, noise in ears not tinnitus - For You

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Some iPhone 6 owners report that the dye from their jeans is turning the white strips on the gold iPhone 6 model blue.
It almost seemed like we had a good run going of not hearing about any problems with Apple's new iPhone 6 smartphone.
Following in the tradition of previous reports of issues with the iPhone 6, Bendgate and Hairgate, this new incident of course had to take the name of "Dyegate." It would just feel wrong if it didn't.
When the iPhone 6 owners reached out to Apple for help with this issue, they said to "carefully scrub their iPhones with various common cleaning products," BGR reported.

It is obviously an issue between Facebook and iphone – but no one will admit it, which seems par for the course. However, that lucky streak may have been broken with the latest issue some iPhone 6 users have reported: Dyegate. All of the versions of the iPhone 6 include these plastic strips outlining the top and bottom of the back side of the phone, but it appears that only the gold model includes strips light enough for a blue dye to rub off on them. When the larger "phablet" size of the iPhone 6 was first announced, many were worried that they would have trouble fitting it in their pockets in the first place.

My wife Googled my problems and what worked for me was taking a Q-Tip, soaking it in Isophyll Alcohol rubbing it across the hearing port and then drying it with the other end of the Q-Tip. Some well-known jeans brands actually considered changing the size of their pants pockets to fit the iPhone 6 and other "phablet"-sized devices.

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