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Those two little lines on a pregnancy test are some of the most wonderful things you can see.
Of course, those two little lines also mark the beginning of the first trimester, which for many moms is the hardest part of pregnancy.
You will feel queasy… and it may be all day nausea or morning sickness complete with throwing up. But, like some sort ofbad joke, it becomes very hard to eat food during the first trimester. Protein really does help with nausea and morning sickness, but you need to eat it frequently, and you need to eat complex proteins that don’t digest so quickly.

Eat something like this every two hours or so to help keep yourself energized and nausea at the minimum.
One of the biggest mistakes I made in a pregnancy was to get frustrated with the fact that I had to cut food up very small and eat slowly to get it down. Again, eat what you need to to be able to eat (protein foods are best, with a little fruit here and there for quick energy). It’s close to impossible to get through the first trimester without sleeping more than you normally do. Lots of carbs will pack on pounds and keep you on a blood sugar roller-coaster that can make morning sickness worse.

And mama, you will feel a lot better a lot sooner if you’re forgiving of yourself right now.

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