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ME, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), affects approximately 250,000 people in the UK. Because of the stress, in a lot of patients, the virus seems to last longer than usual because the immune system is lowered, and a person feels run down for quite a while. I have certainly noticed that many of my patients generally tend to be very driven people, and this may increase the negativity towards the symptoms.
Rumours were rife in the profession that he was finished as an athlete but it took three months of symptoms before Black finally consulted his GP. Once again there is a minority of patients who don't remember any particular virus, but it could be that the body may have still been fighting something at some point near the beginning of the illness. But looking back on his glittering career, it's extraordinary to learn that right at its peak he suffered from a common and debilitating condition – the Epstein-Barr virus. He was sent for blood tests and subsequently diagnosed with the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), which causes mononucleosis, otherwise known as glandular fever. There are symptoms in the body such as tiredness caused by too much stimulation of the nervous system. The amygdala is now sensitized to symptoms, and let's say a symptom is sensed by the amygdala at 2.

Many people who are run down take longer to recover from a virus or other illness than people who are healthy. And because near the beginning of the illness, a person might be very concerned about what is going on, a person may inadvertently train the amygdala to become sensitized to the symptoms. The amygdala has been trained to treat symptoms as dangerous, and triggers negatively fuelled thoughts up to the conscious mind at position 3.
For patients with Fibromyalgia, I believe the same process is occurring, but rather than a viral or bacterial trigger, the trigger tends to be some kind of physical injury or pain.
Well, there is evidence that even immune reactions can become conditioned to a particular stimulus, so being unconsciously concerned about symptoms may trigger off certain immune responses, because it reminds the body of when it was first trying to get over the original virus. For instance, if you give rats some sweet water with a virus, the rats' immune system gets triggered. The conscious mind gets carried away with the feelings and creates negative thoughts about symptoms, sending a message back to the amygdala at position 4 that something is wrong, which then tells the amygdala to keep releasing the stress response at position 5.
One is the symptoms from the Post Viral Fatigue or PVT, and the other is from the stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system, with adrenaline and other chemicals tiring the system. Eventually if you do this enough times, if you simply give the same rats the sweet water without the virus, they still trigger their immune responses.

So without having an active infection, the symptoms of infection persist, but the body will slowly recover.' Prof Findley also points out that we each get around six viral infections a year. Those who have suffered from post-viral fatigue syndrome need to be especially vigilant and give their bodies time to rest and recover from infections to avoid these prolonged symptoms recurring. As an example, we've all had the experience of having flu where our whole body aches, we feel weak, nauseous, and we blame it on the flu virus. I still do yoga today.' Prof Findley agrees that removing stress is key to overcoming longterm post-viral fatigue. Their bodies aren't performing how they used to and for some it can become a nasty physical and psychological mess.' According to Prof Findley, awareness of post-viral fatigue has increased but it is still poorly understood by some GPs. Just be sensible and listen to your body.' Indeed, within 18 months of the symptoms first appearing, Black was back at the top of his profession.

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