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Pc memory problems symptoms, what causes extreme tiredness after eating - .

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A recent survey undertaken by Crucial and GMI Research concluded that many folks' confidence in being able to diagnose and solve computer problems outweighs their actual ability to do the job. As Crucial is a major computer memory supplier, it understandably decided to pitch a predicament to the PC problem finding guinea pigs with the root cause being a lack of computer memory. The guinea pigs were presented with a series of "classic symptoms" describing how a PC with a lack of RAM behaves "such as slowing performance and lockups using common programs".
Looking deeper into the data, Crucial says over 90 per cent of both men and women failed to make a correct diagnosis of the PC problems.

However it must be noted that being given a list of sickly-PC symptoms isn't the same as having an ailing computer in front of you. In a recent survey undertaken by me, all (my) problems could be solved by having money thrown at them (by you). Despite a RAM upgrade being the only solution required to fix the computer woes observed in the study "more than 90 percent of respondents failed to identify memory as the cause of slow computer performance," says the firm, which is owned by Micron Technology. With the machine running, albeit slowly, and the screen on, I think many would have initially dived into the PC's system control panel to see what is installed in the PC and any device manager exclamation points before jumping to a 'failed component' or a 'short on drive storage' analysis of the slow and locking-up PC problems.

Before I'd be prepared to endorse any slagging off of my fellow diagnosticians, I'd like to know exactly how the problem was presented to them.

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