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Patulous eustachian tube surgery cost, homeopathic cures for tinnitus - Try Out

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Preliminary measures are focused on medical treatment of any a pathologies known to be associated to Eusatchian tube dysfunction.
A micro fibroscope coupled with a camera is introduced through a nostril until the entrance of the Eustachian tube.
He can so move easily the head without losing the image of the Eustachian tube that he is working. The Eustachian tube orifice is like a cleft, bordered by the convexity of the Tensor Veli Palatini Muscle at the front, and the concavity of the cartilage at the back. The reduction of the edematous mucosa and hypertrophied cartilage increases the concavity facing the TVP muscle, and restores the lumen of the tube which allows ventilation of middle ear during TVP muscle contraction.

Transposed LVP muscle brings forward cartilage and posterior wall to improve closure of the patulous tubal channel.
We operate directly the Eustachian tube itself, for obstructive as well as patulous Eustachian tubes. The Levator Veli Palatini (LVP) muscle istransposed back to close up, passively in steady state and actively when contracting, both tubal walls in order to narrow patulous tubal channel. The patient is capable of acquiring sensation of his Eustachian tube, called proprioception also on separate tube. We reach the operating field, Eustachian tube, without any injury by working through the nose and the mouth.

Therefore, we enable Eustachian tube’s visualization in real time working by retroactive video feedback process. Myringotomy and insertion of a ventilating tube may provide temporary relief in some patients.
Lasting improvement after this surgery confers to this surgery a curative and also a real prophylactic or preventive indication.

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